110 Pairs Guinea Pig Names For Your Cute Duo Hamsters


Guinea pigs are social animals and they love companionship. That’s why naming your guinea pig with a partner is such a great idea.

Not only will your guinea pig have someone to hang out with, but you’ll also have an easier time telling them apart.

So, if you’re looking for some great pairs of guinea pig names, read on!

Male Pairs Guinea Pig Names

Name Notes
Thunder and Lightning Because these two only come together.
Kirk and Spock
From the “Star Trek” series.
Zack and Cody
After the main characters in the “Zack and Cody” show.
Tweety and Silvester
From the famous Looney Tunes animation.
Tom and Jerry
These two are a standard.
Spongebob and Patrick
These two don’t need an introduction.
Fred and Barney
Probably the oldest best friends.
Stewie and Brian
The best duo in “Family Guy.”
Phineas and Ferb
The brothers in the show with the same name.
Rick and Morty
From the show with the same name.
Bacon and Eggs
After the best breakfast duo.
Earth and Moon
Because this is the most important pair.
Holmes and Watson
Probably the most famous duo.
Pooh and Tiger
The cutest duo in cartoons!
Buzz and Woody
From the “Toy Story” series.
Mario and Luigi
From the popular video game.
Han and Chewbacca
From the “Star Wars” series.
Doc and Marty
From “Back To The Future.”
Scooby and Shaggy
The best friends in the world!
Bert and Ernie
From “Sesame Street.”
Wallace and Gromit
After some very old and popular characters.
Joe and Quagmire
Funniest duo from “Family Guy.”
Snoopy and Woodstock
From the famous animation, Peanuts,
Shrek and Donkey
From the “Shrek” movie.
Bender and Fry
From the “Futurama” series.
Batman and Robin
The famous superhero duo.
Waldorf and Statler
Two of the most famous Muppets.
Ren and Stimpy
Some very old cartoon characters.
Stan and Kyle
From “South Park.”
Chandler and Joey
From the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series.

Female Pairs Guinea Pig Names

Name Notes
Minny and Aibileen Popular characters from “The Help.”
Joy and Sadness
From the “Inside Out” movie.
Emma and Liv
From the “Bride Wars.”
Lorelai and Rory
Characters from “Gilmore Girls.”
Joan and Cherie
These are the main characters of “The Runaways.”
Abbi and Illana
The main characters of “Broad City.”
Edina and Patsy
For two “Absolutely Fabulous” guinea pigs.
Raven and Chelsea
From “That’s So Raven.”
Blair and Selena
From “Gossip Girl.”
Maura and Kate
Great name for two “Sisters.”
Selina and Jen
The best duo from “The Dark Knight Rises.”
Donna and Sophie
The characters of “Mamma Mia.”
Margo and Eve
After the main characters from “All About Eve.”
Jess and Cece
From the “New Girl.”
Sapphire and Ruby
After some of the most precious gems.
Max and Caroline
The main characters in “2 Broke Girls.”
Celestia and Luna
The ponies from “My Little Pony.”
Laura and Tyler From “Animals.”
Cher and Dionne From “Clueless.”
Hillary and CC
Cutest names from the “Beaches.”
Christina and Meredith
From the “Grey’s Anatomy” show.
Cocoa and Cookie
The cutest names possible.
Romy and Michelle
From 1997s “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.”
Anastasia and Drizella
The evil step-sisters of Cinderella.
Possey and Taysee
From the “Orange Is The New Black” show.
Nina and Lily
From the “Black Swan” movie.
Xena and Gabrielle
From “Xena: The Warrior Princess.”
Thelma and Louisa
Probably the best female duo there is.
Monica and Rachel
F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’s most amazing couple.
Amy and Penny
From “The Big Bang Theory.”

Couple Pairs Guinea Pig Names

Name Notes
Toto and Dorothy
After the adorable couple that adventured into Oz.
Peter and Wendy
These are the main characters from “Peter Pan.”
Naveen and Tiana
From “The Princess And The Frog.”
Thumper and Miss Bunny
From the famous Bambi movie.
Charles and Diana
A very famous and historic couple.
Mickey and Minnie
After the actual mouse couple everyone knows.
Simba and Nala
The best couple of “Lion King.”
Pongo and Perdita
From the movie “101 Dalmatians.”
Eric and Ariel
From “The Little Mermaid.”
Roger and Anita
These are the amazon pet parents in “101 Dalmatians.”
Aragorn and Arwen
From the famous “Lord Of The Rings.”
Shang and Mulan
From the movie “Mulan.”
Will and Grace
From the TV show with the same name.
Nutmeg and Cinnamon
Probably the cutest guinea pig names for pairs!
John and Pocahontas
From the “Pocahontas” movie.
Lighting and Sally
From the “Cars” series.
Donald and Daisy
After Disney’s favorite duck couple.
Tom and Barbara
From “The Good Life” series.
Goofy and Sylvia
This is one of Disney’s less known couples.
Sol and Luna
Meaning sun and moon.
Shrek and Fiona
From the “Shrek” movies.
Anthony and Cleopatra
After the famous historic figures.
Ken and Barbie
This one is probably the most popular.
Jelly and Peanut
Probably the cutest names possible!
Joseph and Mary
Probably one of the most famous couples.
Baloo and Rebecca
From “The Jungle Book.”
Jack and Sally
From “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”
Woody and Bo Beep
After the cutest “Toy Story” Characters.
Buzz and Jessie
From the “Toy Story” movie.
Aladdin and Jasmine
From the movie “Aladdin.”
Duke and Duchess
Amazing name for a royal couple.
Eugene and Rapunzel
From the movie “Tangled.”
Philip and Aurora
From the “Sleeping Beauty.”
Link and Zelda
From the famous video game.
Ron and Hermione
From the “Harry Potter” movies.
Fred and Wilma
After the best stone age characters.
Stitch and Lilo
From the movie “Lilo and Stitch.”
Kristoff and Anna
Probably the cutest “Frozen” characters.
Anakin and Padme
After Star Wars’ best couple.
Lady and Tramp
From the movie with the same name.
Kovu and Kiara
After “Lion King’s” evil couple.
Adam and Eve
This one doesn’t need an explanation.
Clyde and Bonnie
After the famous characters.
Donny and Marie
After 1976s TV series.
Carl and Ellie
After the most romantic couple in Disney history, from the movie “Up.”
Homer and Marge
From the Simpsons show.
Han and Leia
From the famous Star Wars movies.
Horace and Doris
These two were the main characters in a very old cartoon.
Hansel and Gretel
After the fairly tale characters.
Prince and Princess
For the royal guinea pig pair you have.

We’ve paired some of the most popular guinea pig names together, along with their meanings. If you are looking for more name ideas, we’ve got the complete list of guinea pig names to help you!

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