What is Your Cat Spirit Animal?

Cat owners often wonder what cat they would like to be. People who don’t own cats might identify with cat characteristics, but cat lovers know there are lots of cat traits that only cat lovers possess.

This cat spirit animal quiz is for cat owners or cat lovers who want to know what feline spirit animal they are most like.

If cat owners knew their cat spirit animal, they’d better understand cat behavior. And cat behavior is very inscrutable at the best of times! Knowing cat characteristics would lead to a deeper understanding of what cats are thinking and feeling that’s encoded into every action they take.

Are you ready for this cat spirit animal quiz?

  • Question of

    Would your cat really miss you if were to disappear

    • He/she definitely will miss me
    • No, he/she won’t miss me
    • I don’t know if he/she miss me
  • Question of

    Does your cat walk away when you come home?

    • Yes, he/she walks away once I come home
    • No, he/she happy to see me come home
    • I don’t know
  • Question of

    Does your cat like to be trained?

    • Yes, he/she likes to be trained
    • No, he /she hates it
    • I don’t train/sometimes
  • Question of

    Does your cat scratch your furniture?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes
  • Question of

    Does your cat like it when you pet him/her?

    • Yes, he/she loves me so much
    • No, he/she likes to be free
    • I don’t know
  • Question of

    Does your cat attack or play with you?

    • He/she likes to attack anyone
    • She/he likes to play with anyone
    • Sometimes he/likes to play but sometimes doesn’t
  • Question of

    Is your cat picky about its food?

    • Yes, he/she likes a certain food
    • No, he/she eats everything I gave
    • Sometimes he/she becomes a picky eater
  • Question of

    Does your cat like other cats?

    • Yes, he/she likes to play with other cat
    • No, he/she likes to be alone
    • It depends on the cat
  • Question of

    Does your cat like other animals?

    • Yes, he/she likes to play with other animal
    • No, he/she likes to be alone
    • It depends on the animal
  • Question of

    Does your cat like you?

    • Yes, he/she likes me so much
    • No, he/she likes to be alone
    • Sometimes
  • Question of

    Would your cat defend you against strangers?

    • he/she doesn’t like anyone beside me
    • he/she welcome everyone
    • It depends on who
  • Question of

    When a stranger enters the house, your cat…

    • comes to be petted and fussed over
    • Hides under the sofa for the next two days
    • Tries to remove the visitor’s face with its claws
  • Question of

    Your cat …

    • Runs to you trembling during thunderstorms
    • Is unfazed by any of the neighbourhood cats
    • Sits in the road playing chicken with container vehicles
  • Question of

    Your cat thinks of dogs as

    • Monsters
    • Companions
    • Diet supplements
  • Question of

    After knocking something valuable off the mantlepiece, kitty …

    • Runs and hides somewhere inaccessible
    • Wants reassurance that you still love her
    • Gives you a haughty ‘why did you put that there?’ stare
  • Question of

    At the sight of a rat, your cat would

    • Go into attack mode
    • Study those teeth thoughtfully, and have a wash instead
    • Run up a tree/cupboard/your leg
  • Question of

    Your cat asks for something by

    • Staring at you until you get the message
    • Meowing impatiently till you find out what she wants
    • Sinking eight claws into your buttock
  • Question of

    Just before the alarm clock goes off, your cat

    • Is walking over your face to wake you up
    • Is clawing down the curtains and bouncing about the room
    • Is snoring nose-to-nose with you
  • Question of

    Your cat eats …

    • Her favourite food
    • A balanced diet
    • A balanced diet supplemented with local wildlife/your underwear/electrical wiring
  • Question of

    The cat’s favourite place is

    • Their basket
    • Their favourite lookout point
    • Wherever you are sitting/working

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