10 Best Long-Haired Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

Do you long for the days when you could come home to a soft, furry friend who would greet you at the door and love you unconditionally? Well, those days are not gone!

Domestic long-haired cats come in a variety of breeds. Some breeds can generate long-haired cats, but not all of them do so all the time. For these kinds, long hair is a defining characteristic, and it’s frequently one of the ways that the breed is identified.

In this blog post, we will list 10 of the best long-haired cat breeds.

10 long-haired cat breeds

We will discuss their personalities and what makes them unique. So, if you are thinking about adding a feline friend to your family, read on!

Here are 10 long-haired cat breeds that offer something to everyone:

1) Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are famous as they’re known to be the biggest domestic house cats in the world. The breed even holds the title for the world’s longest cat, at just under 47 inches in length.

As the name suggests, the Maine Coon originated in Maine. They were developed as a versatile working breed to exterminate mice on farms and ships in the 1800s.

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2) Persian

Persian cat

Persian cats are well-known for their lengthy and purr-fect coats. Persians have been around for a long time and originated in Mesopotamia, which is presently known as Iran but was formerly called Persia for centuries.

Persian cats were first brought to Europe by a world-traveling nobleman named Pietro Della Valle in 1626. They are one of the most popular purebred cats, with similar high pricing to match. They are also highly sought after for their calm, pleasant disposition as well as their beautiful forms.

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3) Ragdoll


A medium-sized cat with silky, medium-length fur is most often found in lighter colors and shadings. Ragdoll cats are loving, intelligent, and amusing, and they like curling up in laps or snuggling in bed.

Since they’re often comfortable being picked up and carried — they get their names from how frequently they fall into the arms of whoever is holding them. Their amiable dispositions, as well as their charming personalities, make them ideal pets for families.

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4) Birman


This stunningly beautiful medium-length cat has a silky coat and is highly social and playful.

Birmans are medium to large in size, with a variety of vibrant colors and expressive eyes. 

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5) Somali


Somali cats are Abyssinians that have been bred to have a longer coat. Since the Victorian era, when one early specimen was exhibited at the Crystal Palace Cat Show, Abyssinians have been well-known. This show took place in 1871, and the Abyssinian took third place.

6) Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a domesticated medium and large breed that has been introduced since the 17th century in Ankara, Turkey.

Turkey Angoras are long-haired cats with a fair amount of grooming required. They shed quite a bit, and their coat takes a while to grow out. Turkish Angoras are loving, playful, and devoted home cats.

7) Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtails are not always long-haired cats; they come in both long-haired and short-haired versions.

These cats are sleek, muscular, and long-legged, with remarkable leaping abilities thanks to their lengthy muscles.

These feline companions are a highly sociable breed. They enjoy playing with others and will bring their toy over to entice you into playing with them, which might go on for an eternity.

8) LaPerm


LaPerms are known for their curly coats, which come in various lengths and types, from long waves to short and tight curls.

They are affectionate and get along well with their owners. They adore being in close proximity to humans, and you may discover them snuggled up on anyone’s lap.

9) Manx


The Manx cat is a medium to large-sized feline with long or short hair that has many colors and patterns. The absence of a tail is the most characteristic physical feature of Manx cats.

This breed is known to be clever, and many of them learn tricks and play fetch—but they enjoy roaming the house with their owners as much as snuggling up next to them on the sofa. These cats require a lot of attention, and shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time.

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10) Ragamuffin


The Ragamuffin cats are wonderful, enormous feline creatures that weigh up to 20 pounds and have loving, sweet personalities.

Ragamuffins are typically affectionate, peaceful cats that make excellent family pets. They get along with other cats and dogs, and their calm temperaments make them ideal as house pets. Ragamuffin cats can come in a variety of colors, including white and black, chocolate and cinnamon, with a variety of patterns.

With so many wonderful long-haired cat breeds to choose from, there is sure to be the perfect one for you! Do you have a long-haired cat? Let us know in the comments below.

And don’t forget to name your cute cat after our long haired cat name ideas, where you’ll find much inspiration.

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