6 Best Brown Cat Breeds To Get As A Pet (With Pictures)

Brown cats are a bit more difficult to come by, and if you’re searching for a totally brown cat, the Havana Brown is probably the only one that you’ll find. Most cats have stripes, points, and tabby markings in their coats, and solid cats are typically black or white.

It’s rare to discover a solid brown cat with no markings, but there are a few breeds that are mostly brown in color, and these may be your best chance of finding one.

brown cat breeds

If you’re looking for a new pet and you love brown cats, then you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will list six of the best brown cat breeds.

These cats are beautiful, friendly, and make great pets. So if you’re thinking about getting a new kitty, be sure to check out these amazing brown cat breeds!

Why Brown Cat Breeds Are Rare?

When it comes to cats, brown is not a very popular color. In fact, brown cats are quite rare compared to other colors like black and white. There are several reasons why brown cats are not as common as other colors.

6 Best Brown Cat Breeds To Get As A Pet

One reason is that brown is a recessive gene, so it takes two brown parents to produce a brown kitten. Another reason is that brown cats are often mistaken for black cats, so they are not as easily adopted from shelters. Due to their rarity, brown cats are more expensive than cats with other coat colors.

Here are the 6 best brown cat breeds that you could adopt:

1) Burmese


The Burmese cat is generally brown, although it may be found in a variety of colors including lilac and cream. They are sociable felines who enthusiastically seek out human companionship and do not enjoy being alone. The Burmese is a curious cat that enjoys exploring every small space of your house, and they are playful cats who keep this kitten-like playfulness into adulthood.

These cats are often dog-like and want to be involved in everything you do. They do, however, enjoy their solitary time and should be given lots of toys to keep themselves occupied.

  • Lifespan: 16-18 years
  • Weight: 8-12 pounds
  • Temperament: Friendly, loyal, playful

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2) Devon Rex

Devon Rex

The coats of Devon Rex cats are silky and curly, with elfish characteristics. They have large ears, high cheekbones, and unique eyes. They are mostly brown, although they can also have cream, lilac, or blue coats with a variety of markings. They have short legs and tiny oval claws.

Because rough brushing can harm their curly coats, it is important to groom these cats with care. They’re also playful and energetic. Their high intellect makes them easy to train. These cats enjoy being around people and are friendly with strangers.

  • Lifespan: 10–15 years
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Temperament: Active, friendly, intelligent

3) British Shorthair

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a medium-sized cat that has a variety of colors and designs. Brown coats on these cats are something to behold. These cats have dense, soft bodies that resemble pure velvet. They have a teddy bear-like appearance. Their stocky bodies and large eyes make them even more cuddly.

These cats enjoy human interaction and get along well with children and dogs – they don’t require much attention as well. They’re loving, yet they like spending time alone as well.

  • Lifespan: 14–20 years
  • Weight: 12–17 pounds
  • Temperament: Easy-going, calm, friendly

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4) Persian


Persian cats are known for their unique coats and facial features. They have long, thick, soft coats that need to be groomed on a regular basis to look good. What makes them appealing also is that they have round eyes, short noses, and rounded faces.

Persian cats are energetic, sociable, and loving. While they aren’t overly active, they do enjoy playing with toys or interacting with people from time to time. These felines make excellent lap cats who like to observe rather than participate in an activity.

  • Lifespan: 10–18 years
  • Weight: 8–15 pounds
  • Temperament: Quiet, affectionate, intelligent

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5) Chausie


Chausie cats have a coarse, short, brown-ticked coat. They have wedge-shaped heads and high cheekbones that resemble cougars. The sides of their heads are also padded. Their tall, long bodies make them some of the biggest domestic cat breeds.

The Chausie cat is a cross between domestic cats and jungle cats. They retain their wild appearance, but this breed is fully domesticated and makes an excellent companion. They’re typically active and get along with children and other pets.

  • Lifespan: 15–20 years
  • Weight: 9–20 pounds
  • Temperament: Intelligent, energetic, adventurous

6) York Chocolate

York Chocolate

The York Chocolate cat has a medium-length coat with a soft, fluffy undercoat. They can appear to be brown or lavender in color. The fur on this breed’s feet and ears are feathered and their eyes are golden, green, or brown in color.

These cats are sociable and loving, and they enjoy the company of other animals and children. They enjoy being the center of attention, but they can be wary of strangers. They also like to talk (or meow)!

  • Lifespan: 13–15 years
  • Weight: 10–16 pounds
  • Temperament: Affectionate, friendly, active

These are just some of the best brown cat breeds that you could adopt. Choose the one that you think would be the best fit for your home and lifestyle.

Give them lots of love and attention and they will surely return it tenfold. Brown cat breeds make great pets and companions so consider adopting one today! And if you already got one, you made need a name for it so check out our brown cat names

Thanks for reading! We hope this was helpful in finding your perfect brown cat breed match.

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