Over 50 Sesame Street Inspired Dog Names

Sesame Street is a children’s television show that first aired in 1969.

It has since become an iconic staple of American culture, and the show features some of the best puppets ever to be on television.

From Big Bird to Cookie Monster, Sesame Street has had many memorable characters over the years.

If you are looking for unique dog names, then this article is perfect for you! This blog post will list 50 sesame street-inspired dog names that your pup will love!

sesame street dog names

Here are the best dog names inspired by Sesame Street characters.

Male Dog Names Inspired By Sesame Street Characters

Bob Bob Johnson is a music teacher that has been teaching on Sesame Street
Barkley A large orange and white dog with shaggy fur that lived with Linda
Snuffy Aloysius Snuffleupagus, Big Bird’s best friend
Count Count von Count is a friendly vampire puppet
Mumford The Amazing Mumford is a talented magician who lives on Sesame Street
Guy Guy Smiley enthusiastically hosts game shows on Sesame Street
Chris works for Alan at Mr. Hooper’s store
Cookie a blue monster with googly eyes who loves to cookies
Elmo An energetic red monster
Horatio An excitable, dancing elephant who has trouble with rhyming
Bert Bert and Ernie are best friends who share a basement apartment at 123 Sesame Street
Luis Luis Rodriguez married Maria in 1988
Ernest Ernest the Grouch is Oscar’s brother
Telly A monster who is friends with Elmo and Baby Bear, and loves triangles
Alan the owner and manager of Mr. Hooper’s store
Baby Bear best friends with Telly monster
Handford A former fireman who took care Mr. Hooper’s store from 1989 until 1998
Miles Gordon and Susan Robinson have an adopted son named Miles who grew up on Sesame Street
David David ran Mr. Hooper’s store from 1971 to 1989
Radar Big Bird’s favorite teddy bear
Hooper The original owner of Mr. Hooper’s store, a dear friend of Big Bird’s
Alfred Alfred Duck is one of Gina’s repeat patients
Grover A blue monster who enjoys meeting people of all sorts and takes an interest in cultural activities
Slimey Oscar the Grouch’s pet worm
Ernie Bert and Ernie are best friends who share a basement apartment at 123 Sesame Street
Gordon Gordon Robinson is a teacher who has lived with his wife Susan on Sesame Street
Marco Marco Jefferson was adopted from Guatemala by Gina in 2006
Bird Big Bird, a bright yellow bird who stands over eight feet tall
Murray Murray the monster hosts both the Word of the Day and Murray has a Little Lamb segments of Sesame Street
Oscar A furry green Grouch who lives in a trash can outside of 123 Sesame Street
Male Dog Names Inspired By Sesame Street Characters

Female Dog Names Inspired By Sesame Street Characters

Olivia a photographer who lived on Sesame Street
Wanda The word fairy, Wanda Falbo, helps children to understand new words
Fluffster Julia’s stuffed bunny is named Fluffster
Zoe A playful orange monster who loves ballet
Jane a seven-year-old private investigator
Maria she ran the fix-it shop and laundromat for many years
Natasha Baby Natasha, although still an infant, can move extremely quickly
Goldilocks Baby Bear’s nemesis, Goldilocks, eventually became his friend
Gabi Maria and Luis Rodriguez’s daughter
Prairie Dawn A six-year-old girl who is often frustrated by Cookie Monster
Julia a four-year-old girl with autism that is friends with Abby and Elmo
Susan a nurse who has lived with her husband Gordon on Sesame Street
Rosita A young turquoise colored monster from Mexico
Gina Gina Jefferson started the show as a teenager in 1986
Bunny Bunny the Grouch is Oscar’s sister
Goose Mrs. Goose is the teacher at the Storybook Community School
Grungetta Oscar the Grouch’s girlfriend is also his best friend
Betty Lou A young girl puppet with yellow braids
Tarah Tarah Schaffer was a young girl on Sesame Street who used a wheelchair
Irvine Oscar the Grouch’s infant niece
Linda Linda was a deaf librarian who dated Bob for a while
Curly Baby Bear’s little sister
Bernice Bert’s favorite pet pigeon
Chicken Chicken puppets have been frequently featured on Sesame Street
Gladys Gladys the cow is the most famous of all of Sesame Street’s cows
Abby A fairy-in-training who sometimes attends the Storybook Community School
Alice Snuffy’s two-year-old sister
Christy Chris Robinson’s twin sister
Dorothy Elmo’s goldfish
Leela a young woman who ran the laundromat on Sesame Street
Female Dog Names Inspired By Sesame Street Characters

Our list of over 50 Sesame Street-inspired dog names will help you find the perfect name for your furry friend!

Whether you want a more traditional-sounding name or one that is more fun and playful, we have something to fit every personality out there.

We hope this post has given you some inspiration when it comes time to pick out an adorable new pup’s name.

Other than these name ideas, we have a list of the popular dog names from cartoons to widen your options.

What are some of your favorite Sesame Street characters? How would they inspire naming your best friend? Let us know in the comments below!

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