30 Cute Male Small Dog Names for Tiny Dogs

If you own a tiny fur boy, use his small size as inspiration for choosing a dog name. Here is the list of 30 male dog names for tiny dogs to help you make the right choice.

  •     Kerwin (Gaelic name meaning ‘little black one’)
  •     Bounty
  •     Beetle
  •     Stitch
  •     Jerry (Tom and Jerry)
  •     Simon
  •     Peagreen (from The Borrowers)
  •     Baby Boss
  •     Cheerio
  •     Little Bear
  •     Tiny Tim
  •     Thimble
  •     Stuart (Little)
  •     Tom Thumb
  •     Pebble

  •     Frodo (from The Lord of the Rings)
  •     Jiminy (Cricket)
  •     Coconut
  •     Teddy Bear
  •     Spark
  •     Tweety
  •     Bean
  •     Nugget
  •     Theodore (‘Theo’ for short)
  •     Acorn
  •     Atom
  •     Tot
  •     Chipper
  •     Squirt
  •     Pee Wee

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