80+ Spooky Cat Names For Your Cat Name On Halloween


Cats can be a huge part of your life. They’re cute, cuddly, and an excellent companion for any type of situation.

But they also have the ability to scare the crap out of you when they don’t want to do something that we ask them to!

It’s times like these where it would be nice if we could give our cat a name that is spooky-sounding so that way when he hisses at us or tries to scratch us, we’ll know why.

Here are some possible names in case your furry friend has been getting on your nerves lately.

Male Spooky Cat Names Inspired By TV Show

Names Origins Meanings
Draco Latin Serpent or dragon Inspired by Harry Potter
Zorro Spanish
Sly fox Inspired by The Legend of Zorro
Malachai Biblical
Messenger of God Associated with Children of the Corn
Freddy German
Peace-ruler Inspired by Freddy Krueger from The Nightmare on Elm Street
Duc de Richleau French
Name of the principal minister of Louis XIII Inspired by The Devil Rides Out
Candyman American
Bright, sweet Inspired by the movie Candyman
Father Karras Greek
Dark Inspired by The Exorcist Quite a terrifying Halloween cat name!
Dr Génessier French
Associated with the horror film Eyes without a Face
Dr Loomis  Anglo-Saxon
Pool nook Inspired by the Halloween franchise
Binx American
Inspired by the horror film Hocus Pocus
Chuckie German
Free man Inspired by the movie Child’s Play
Pinhead English
The head of a pin Inspired from the film series Hellraiser
Hannibal Greek
Baal is gracious Inspired by The Silence of the Lambs
Lurch French
Bowman or archer Associated with The Addams Family
Jack the Ripper French
Supplanter Inspired by Jack the Ripper
Norman Bates English
Boat Taken from the movie Psycho
Darth Vader  German-Dutch
Father Inspired by Star Wars
Count Orlok German
Inspired by Nosferatu
Pugsley English
Habitational name from a place in Warkleigh, Devon Taken from The Addams Family
Schreck German
To jump or to frighten Inspired by Shadow Of The Vampire
Casper Biblical
Treasure Taken from Casper the Friendly Ghost
Van Helsing Swedish
From Helsingland Taken from Horror of Dracula
Jack Skellington English
Resounding Taken from The Nightmare Before Christmas
Pazuzu Mesopotamian
King of the demons of the wind Inspired from the series The Exorcist
Voorhees Dutch
One who lives in front of Hess Inspired by Friday the 13th
Jack Torrance Gaelic
Hillock or mound Inspired by the film The Shining
Bubba American
Brother Taken from the movie Bubba Ho-Tep
Weasley English
Inspired by the character of Ron Weasley from Harry Potter series
Pennywise German
Beautiful fear Inspired by the movie It
Salem Hebrew
Peaceful, complete Derived from Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Peter Greek
Stone, rock Associated with Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters
Dr Jekyll English
Hide Inspired by Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde horror film
Jigsaw English
Up and down motion Associated with the movie Saw
Damien Greek
Powerful man of the people Associated with The Omen
Ash English
Ash tree Inspired by the movie Army of Darkness
Zuul English
Inspired by the movie Ghostbusters
Grim Dutch
Stern, severe Inspired by Grim Reaper
Leatherface English
Associated with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Cesare Latin
Head of hair Associated with The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

Female Spooky Cat Names Inspired By TV Show

Names Origins Meanings
Morticia American Undertaker, funeral director Inspired by The Addams Family
Winifred English
Peace friend From the Disney film Hocus Pocus
Sadako Japanese
Chaste child Inspired by the The Ring
Miss Giddens Celtic
Dusky or dark From the movie The Innocents
Carrie German
A short form of Caroline Inspired by the movie Carrie
Buffy American
Pledged to God Inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Maleficent Latin
Wicked, prone to evil Inspired by the Disney movie Maleficent
Clarice Greek
Brilliant From The Silence of the Lambs
Elvira Spanish
Foreign and true Inspired by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
Cruella English
Taken from the movie Dalmations, this is one of the classic Halloween cat names
Ripley English
From the strip field From the movie Alien
Sookie Hebrew
Rose, lily From the series True Blood A spooky cat name for a spooky Halloween cat
Tangina Thai
Gift of God From the series Poltergeist
Asami Japanese
Morning beauty From the Japanese horror movie Audition
Rosemary Latin
Dew of the sea Inspired by Rosemary’s Baby

Unisex Spooky Cat Names

Names Origins Meanings
Candy Corn English Grain
Baby Ruth Hebrew
Compassionate friend
Jolly Rancher English
One who ranches
Licorice Greek Sweet
Jelly Bean English
Bean consisting of a jelly-like substance
Butterscotch Scottish
Referring to a hard candy made from butter, brown sugar, syrup and vanilla
Butterfinger English
Players who cant hold onto the ball
Marshmallow French
Sweetened meringue with egg whites, set with gelatin
Hot Tamale Spanish Wrapped
Milky Way Roman Road of milk
Kit Kat English
Gift of god One of the cuter Halloween cat names
Hershey German Deer

Spooky Cat Names Inspired By Gothic Literature

Names Origins Meanings
Frankenstein German
Stone of the Franks Inspired by Frankenstein
Geryon Greek
Monster killed by Hercules A monster who represents fraud in Inferno
Malacoda Italian
Evil tail One of the Malebranche in the gothic poem Inferno
Attila German
Father Inspired by Chief of the Huns -the Scourge of God from Inferno
Varney American
Associated with Varney the Vampire
Uncle Silas Hebrew
The youngest Associated with the novel Uncle Silas
Igor Old Norse
Protected Inspired by Frankenstein
Phlegyas Greek
Firey Associated with Dantes Inferno
Styx Greek
The hateful Inspired by Styx-the river of death from Inferno
Dracula Romanian
Dragon Associated with Dracula novel
Stheno Greek
Mighty Taken from Inferno
Gorgon Greek
Dreadful, grim A powerful woman with snakes for hair in Inferno
Zofloya English
Inspired by Charlotte Dacres novel Zofloya
Medusa Greek
Cunning One of the Gorgons in Inferno
Cerberus Greek
Spotted The three-headed hound that guards one of the gates of Hell in Inferno
Count Ugolino German
Inspired by Inferno
Euryale Greek
Far roaming One of the Gorgons, sister to Medusa and Stheno in Inferno

Whether you’re looking for a name with just one scary syllable or something more complex and creative I hope this list has given you plenty of ideas to choose from.

If not, don’t forget about our cat names inspired by Halloween

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