The 14 Golden Rules of Feeding Lhasa Apsos

Only a balanced diet 巧 is considered correct for feeding the animal. For Lhasa Apso with its own characteristics, its own feeding rules have long existed.

#1 Lhasa Apso puppies grow faster than most other dogs.

Therefore, their diet should be sufficiently high-calorie and saturated so that the body can develop harmoniously.

#2 At the disposal of the pet should always be clean drinking water, which must be changed several times a day.

With insufficient drinking, the dog may have kidney stones that will lead to the development of a number of diseases or even death of the pet.

#3 In the case of the choice of “home cooking” should give preference to lean meats.巧

Cook them only by boiling or stewing. It is recommended to give fillets to pets.

#4 From fermented milk products should be fed with medium-fat cottage cheese and milk.

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