TOP 10 Most Aggressive Dogs In the World

A dog can sometimes show aggression. But dog handlers around the world are united in their conclusion that the aggressiveness of dogs depends on the person. Improper upbringing and attitude to your four-legged pet become the reason that the dog is poorly socialized, and angry dogs are not uncommon in our everyday life.

But there is a natural basis for aggression when the factor of dominance comes to the fore, that is, the desire to become the leader of the pack. Considering these two factors, imagine the 10 most evil breeds of dogs.

#1 Boerboel

Because of his aggressive disposition, in some countries of the world, it is forbidden to breed and keep houses at a time.

#2 American Pit Bull Terrier

Dogs of this breed have a fighting spirit and excitement, which makes it dangerous for people, animals, and other dogs.

#4 Caucasian Shepherd Dog

They have the ability to silently sneak up and attack with lightning speed, leaving the victim no chance to escape.

#5 Fila Brasileiro

Today, the best guard of a country house simply can not be found.

#6 Сhow Сhow

The dog meets the stranger with a formidable roar, and upon provocation, instantly attacks. If the Chow Chow got involved in a fight with another dog, then stopping it is almost impossible.

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