Top 14 Reasons Why Chihuahuas Are Better Than Girlfriends

#7 Your dog doesn’t take your clothes😉

  1. Oh yes, they do, I cannot count the number of times I have seen my worn just once clothes moving by themselves because the chi had made a nest in them, or had to encourage my chi to vacate my bra so I can put it back on.

  2. She steals just ‘1’ shoe that I have sitting by the door when I leave. I guess it’s her ‘ security blankie… 😉

#8 Don’t tend to get annoyed when you overload your Instagram with your dog’s photos.

  1. Golly!!! I can’t even get her to walk anymore!! Have tried four times this summer and she ‘skids’ those legs at if they’re brake pads… Lol

#9 Your dog agrees to walk wherever you want😆

#10 You don’t have to constantly convince your dog that it’s not fat😃

#11 You won’t be bothered that your dog has no work, sleeps all day and does not help around the house.

#12 And your dog is always glad to see you, even when you are tired and no one wants to be near you

  1. This is dubious!! She’s too lazy to come out from under her ‘burrow’ to greet me. I’m lucky if I see the teeny, weeny tip of her black nose peering from under the blanket….