TOP 15 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The World

#7 Doberman

Fearless, lightning-fast, strong dog with an athletic physique. These individuals are used in all services: customs, search, guard, and others.

#8 Welsh Corgi

Corgi is an inquisitive and positive animal. He perceives the authority of the owner from the first days, is easily trained, quickly remembers teams, loves children.

#9 Chihuahua

This dog loves the company of people and children, is ready to play with kids for hours, but it does not respond very well to training.

#10 Golden Retriever

Retriever loves to run long and fast. Active games with children lure them. In the city with a dog will have to walk up to 5 hours a day.

#11 Pomeranian

Despite its miniature size, the animal belongs to watchmen. It is immediately ready to rush, to protect its master or his child, against an opponent of any size.

#12 Jack Russell Terrier

The dog is distinguished by a brave and self-confident character. It belongs to the hounds, can run for a long time and quickly in any weather conditions.

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