Top 30 Best Thai Cat Names For Siamese Cats (with Meanings)

Thailand is a country of Siamese cat’s appearance. Siamese cats were one of the first cat breeds recognized in the Orient. Then, cats of the breed were brought to North America and Europe where they became one of the most popular breeds.

So Thai cat names will be the perfect choice to honor the appearance and history of the breed.

  •     Chatri (brave knight)
  •     Waen (ring)
  •     Niran (eternal)
  •     Tida (daughter)
  •     Isra (freedom)
  •     Klahan (brave)
  •     Nan (a town in northern Thailand)
  •     Sopa (very pretty)
  •     Ratana (crystal)
  •     Virote (power)
  •     Sunan (good word)
  •     Mali or Malee (flower or jasmine)
  •     Vanida (girl)
  •     Waan (sweet)
  •     Chaiya (victorious)
  •     Ploy (precious stone or gem)
  •     Kiet (honor)

  •     Sunti (peace)
  •     Som (orange)
  •     Apsara (angelic)
  •     Kanya (young daughter)
  •     Chariya (good manners)
  •     Aran (forest)
  •     Dara (evening star)
  •     Kittibun (famous fortune)
  •     Niran (eternal)
  •     Chanarong (warrior)
  •     Hansa (supreme happiness)
  •     Sinn (treasure)
  •     Kasem (happiness)

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