Top 40 Famous Boxer Dog Names

Boxer is a perfect partner, so you can choose a famous dog name for your new friend. It can be the name of a movie character or the name of greatest boxers ever. So check the list and make your choice!

  •      Odie (“Garfield”)
  •     Sonny (“The Dogfather”)
  •     Angus (“Mr. Magoo”)
  •    Tyson
  •     Muhhamad
  •     Cora (“To Dance With a White Dog”)
  •     Maggie (“Wild River”)
  •     Shoeshine (“Underdog”)
  •     Daphne (“Look Who’s Talking Now”)
  •     Tito (“Oliver & Company”)
  •     Nana (“Peter Pan”)
  •     Beatrice (“Best in Show”)
  •     Luiz (“Rio”)
  •     Grace (“Kitt Kittredge”)
  •     Clay
  •     Roy

  •     Robinson
  •     Nevins (“The Cat in the Hat”)
  •     Jenna (“Balto”)
  •     Daisy (“Snatch”)
  •     Bonny (“Seven Psychopaths”)
  •     Toto (“The Wizard of Oz”)
  •     Fifi (“Open Season”)
  •     Lady (“Lady & the Tramp”)
  •     Andrew (“Mary Poppins”)
  •     Louis
  •     Bomber
  •     Benny

  •     Verdell (“As Good As It Gets”)
  •     Bayard (“Alice in Wonderland”)
  •     Max Goof (“A Goofy Movie”)
  •     Evie (“We Think the World of You”)
  •     Greta (“Play Dead”)
  •     Lucy (“Wendy and Lucy”)
  •     Genevieve (“Madeline”)
  •     Spike (“Tom & Jerry”)
  •     Floyd
  •     Lenoxx
  •     Moses (“Meet the Fockers”)
  •     Beast (“The Sandlot”)

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