Top 40 Female Dog Names for Protective Breeds with Meanings

If your dog is fiercely loyal, protective, and obedient, you`ve come to the right place. Here`s the list of the best dog names for true protective breeds.

  •     Rosamund (German for horse protector)
  •     Levana (Hebrew for defender of the moon)
  •     Jade (A stone known for defense)
  •     Athena (The goddess of mental agility, intelligence)
  •     Hilda (Germanic for battle)
  •     Olesia (Polish for defender of mankind)
  •     Maia (Brave warrior)
  •     Loyce (German for a female warrior)
  •     Velma (Germanic for protector)
  •     Minna (German for man’s defender)
  •     Alastair (Scottish for warrior)
  •     Deandra (A Greek warrior)
  •     Freyja (The goddess of love, beauty and war in Norse mythology)
  •     Nora (The greatest woman warrior in the history of Albania)
  •     Andromeda (An Amazon warrior)
  •     Zelda (A warrior)

  •     Elvara (Old English for warrior)
  •     Sandy (Defender)
  •     Sloane (American English for fighter)
  •     Matilda (Old German for female warrior)
  •     Juno (Goddess and wife of Zeus, protector of women)
  •     Cass / Cassy (Greek for man’s defender)
  •     Brina (English for strong)
  •     Arely (Hebrew for brave)
  •     Alexandra (Greek for female protector)
  •     Alvira / Alvera (German for universal protector)
  •     Valda (Norse for spirited warrior)
  •     Pisto (Amazon warrior)
  •     Sasha (Russian for defender)

  •     Joan (Refers to Joan of Arc)
  •     Armina (English for warrior princess)
  •     Mathilda (Old German for battle maiden; strength)
  •     Branka (Slovak for protector)
  •     Elmina / Elma (German for determined defender)
  •     Alexis (Greek for man’s defender)
  •     Xena (Greek for warrior princess)
  •     Willa (German for protector)
  •     Trudi (Strong spear warrior)
  •     Raina (German for wise guardian)
  •     Hida (German for warrior)

If you are still stuck and looking for more ideas, make sure to check out complete protective dog names for your inspiration.

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