Top 50 Cherokee Dog Names Inspired by Nature Spirit

Native American names are always a great choice for your pup. So bless your furry friends with a name that reflects their personality!

  •     Pegalesharro- A person who is like a man’s chief.
  •     Ayita- First to dance
  •     Dyani- Deer
  •     Mahkah- One who belongs to and is one with the Earth.
  •     Dakotah- A friend of friends
  •     Kele-Sparrow
  •     Aylen- A clear individual; happiness
  •     Bidaban- Beginning of dawn; an excellent human being
  •     Enemene- Sing
  •     Chimalis- Bluebird
  •     Asahavey- Bird Chief; a perfect leader
  •     Awendea- One who is a beautiful morning.

  •     Awendela- Fawn
  •     Sahale- Like a falcon
  •     Chenoa- Dove
  •     Adila- Blossom
  •     Fala- A bird name; crow
  •     Elan- A friendly and lovely person; a tree
  •     Hinto- Having deep blue eyes
  •     Awinita- One who loves social life; fawn
  •     Helki- Touch
  •     Halyn- Unique
  •     Enesta- Hear
  •     Ouray- Sharp as an arrow
  •     Halona- Happy Fortune
  •     Jacy- He has a face of the Moon
  •     Elsu- A flying falcon
  •     Dasan- A chief

  •     Akando-Ambush; has power and wealth
  •     Tasunke- Horse
  •     Catori- Spirit
  •     Chilam- Snowbird
  •     Lonato- Flint stone
  •     Caiya- To be near something
  •     Alo- Spiritual guide
  •     Hurit- Beautiful
  •     Hateya- Make tracks; press with the foot
  •     Aviaja- A cousin; expressive and positive
  •     Enola- Solitary
  •     Laneetees- Big elk
  •     Japa- To chant
  •     Tattuye- A fox
  •     Kenesaw- Grass
  •     Catahecassa- Black hoof
  •     Akikta- Works with determination
  •     Keme- Secret thunder
  •     Tatanka- A bull buffalo
  •     Hokaratcha- Pole cat
  •     Pays- One who is coming
  •     Atepa- Wigwam

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