120+ Urdu Dog Names – Unique Dog Name Ideas With Meanings


Urdu is the eleventh most widely spoken language in the world with 170 million total speakers. So, choosing your dog names with Urdu would be a good option. 

When you dig the urdu name meanings, you’ll definitely fall in love with the name ideas since it has beautiful meanings. Each name is laced with such poetry that will make love and smile. So here are Urdu dog names for you!

Male Urdu Dog Names

Male Urdu Dog Name Meanings
Fidvi Qurbaan
Aaqil Intelligent
Fazli Kind, Graceful
Shabah Resembling
Inayatullah Care Of Allah
Salaar Leader, Chief, Commander
Gulab Rose, Flower
Jammaz Name of Muhammad Ibn Amar
Ravan Soul, Spirit
Warid Messenger
Shahwaiz Nobler
Abasin The Indus River
Cheragh Diya, Dia, Lamp
Asfour Bird
Shifan Kind, patient
Abasin Stern
Aayed Wada Karnay Wala
Isbahani From Isbahan
Juhaym Sullen (Khafa, Baizaar, Azardah)
Rameez Naizah, Bhaala
Aabad Time
Rohail Musafir, Passenger
Mannat Wish, Prayer
Khayrullah The prosperity Of Allah Sweet
Reebal Brave
Bairbel Precious Gems, Stones
Arfeen Leader
Faysal Decisive
Sharjeel The Drink of heaven, Unknown, Fine
Zaair Visitor, Guest
Shahzaib Crown Of A King, Like A King
Mahir Skilful, Able, Expirenced
Rani To gaze, gazing
Zaviyar Brave
Jasir Brave, Bold, Courageous
Zayan Bright, Roshan
Panda Wisdom, Knowladge, Learning
Rasa Expressive
Haajib Door keeper, Chamberlain
Barkat Growth
Nibras Light
Ushna Fragrant
Isad To Bring Happiness, To Provide Help

Female Urdu Dog Names

Female Urdu Dog Name Meanings
Seher Dawn, early morning
Sahfa Fountain
Luja Great Depth
Lalimah Full moon
Sarwana Generous And Good Nature
Barina Princess, Qualified, Capable
Almas Diamond
Khunsa Angel, Pari
Sofia Wisdom
Fabiha Gifted
Anika Goddess durga
Tabia Talented
Rufqa To benefit
Sadoof Name of a poetess
Paree Fairy
Naflah Surplus, Overabundance
Mahina Moon, Moon glow
Savaira Early morning
Parihan A fairy
Thoraya Star
Widaad Love, friendship
Negah Look
Shazfa Success
Yalqoot An early woman who gave much in charity
Yasmoon Jessamine Flower
Sophie Wisdom
Asfoureh Bird
Laima Luck or lucky
Mamoona Safe, Fortunate, Auspicious, Prosperous, Trustworthy
Roxana Light
Zerlina Created name
Gharra Noble Lady
Bailla Beautiful, White
Shiza A gift or present
Amara Everlasting, Unfading, Eternal
Ozza A Baby Fawn, Young Female
The One Who Love
Dilara Beloved
Movement, Motion
Nawra Blossom, Flower
Reyhaneh Flower
Virgin, Virgin Mary
Parishay Face of a fairy
Able to see, Able to recognize
Disclosing, Divulging
Favorite, Beloved, Adored
Wadeedah Friend, Beloved
Internal nature, Inner beauty

Unisex And Gender Neutral Dog Names

Unisex Urdu Dog Name Meanings
Nageenah Precious Stone
Areela Like Gold
Freshness Of Splendour
Brilliant, Whiteness
Rija Desire, Hope
Ehteram Respect
Ehsaas Feeling
New (Something that is better than the rest), Fresh
Youthful, uncanny,f avorite one
Story, fable, epic tale
Arzoo Wish
Zaizey Flashy, Shiny
Garden in heaven
Chanchal Active
Golden Ray of Sun, Advance Guard
Tameka Twin
Mohisa Story Teller
One who meets, one with strong intentions, one with decisiveness, distance, gap
Khirad Intellect
Reward, Generous
Fazeen Increasing
Narda Fragrant
Feiyaz Successful
Ashiya Life and Alive
Masooma Innocent, Pak
Lightning, Thunderbolt,
Anila Wind
Khudrah Greenery
Name of a Tree in Paradise, Excellent, Best
Name of a Stone
Angeza Reason, Logic
Seep Pearl
Face, Blond, Fair, Wealth, Silver
Atifeh Affection
Tahirih Soft to the touch

If you still consider any other dog names, we suggest you visit our Indian dog names, you’ll find tons of name ideas that will inspire you.

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