Unleash the Fun: 60 Pawsome Vietnamese Dog Names


Choosing a name for your new dog can be a tricky business. You want something that represents your pup’s personality and uniqueness but is also practical and easy to call out in the park.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, why not try looking to another culture for inspiration?

Vietnamese dog names are beautiful, unique and full of meaning – the perfect pick for your four-legged friend.

Female Vietnamese Dog Names

Names Meanings
Kim Gold, metal
Virtuous, chaste, loyal
Chi Branch
Diep Leaf, autumn
Good, favorable, gentle
Tuyen Thread, line, ray
Calm and peaceful
Hoa Flower
Jade, precious stone, gem
Tuyet Snow
Luxury, beauty, elegance
Phuong Direction, way
Lan Orchid, elegant
Nguyet Moon
Orange (the fruit)
Hang Lady
Mysterious, subtle
Lien Lotus, water lily
Chau Pearl, gem
Mai Plum or apricot
Fenghuang Pheonix
Bright and intelligent
Bich Bluish green
Cuc Chrysanthemum
Giang River
Hong Pink or red
Variant of Hong, meaning “pink or red”
Fragrant, smelling good
Poetry, poem, verse
Immortal, transcendent, celestial

Male Vietnamese Dog Names

Names Meanings
Quy Valuable, precious
Chi Will, spirit
Obey, follow, honor
Van Cloud
Friend, companion
Protection, security
Anh Brave hero
Sagebush, wormwood
Son Mountain
Level, the equivalent of “cool, calm, and collected” in America
Quan Army
Hai Sea, ocean
Khanh Celebration
Quynh Deep red
Pure, clean and simple
Brave and heroic
Power, right, authority
Duong Male, virile
Lan Mountain mist
Palace, encampment
An Peace and quiet
Xuan Spring season
Round, full, complete
Cong Fair, equitable
Vinh Glory, glorious
Nguyen Original, first
Truc Bamboo
Minh Bright, light
Honest and upright, clean
Happiness, good fortune, blessing

Tips For Selecting The Perfect Vietnamese Name For Your Dog

Finding the right name for your furry friend is an exciting part of welcoming them home.

If you’re considering a Vietnamese name, here are some tips to help you pick the perfect one:

Embrace the sounds

  • Short and sweet: Vietnamese dog names often have one or two syllables, making them easy for your pup to learn and you to pronounce. Names like Bơ (Bo – Butter), Na (Nah), or Mít (Mit) fit the bill.
  • Consider tone: Vietnamese is a tonal language, where the pitch of your voice changes the meaning of a word. Be mindful of the tones when choosing a name, especially if you’re not a native speaker. Resources online can help with pronunciation.

Look at nature’s beauty

  • Vietnamese flora and fauna: Names like Sen (Lotus), Mai (Apricot), or Vàng (Yellow – for a golden retriever) connect your dog to the natural world.
  • Geographical references: Hà (Ha – River), Sóc (Soc – Squirrel), or Biển (Bien – Sea) add a touch of Vietnamese flair.

Highlight your dog’s personality

  • Observe their traits: Lùn (Lun – Shorty) for a dachshund, Nhí (Nhi – Small) for a tiny pup, or Nhanh (Nhanh – Fast) for a speedy dog reflect their nature.
  • Positive qualities: Lộc (Loc – Luck), May (May – Lucky), or Phúc (Phuc – Happiness) are auspicious choices, while Thông Minh (Thong Minh – Intelligent) or Can Đảm (Can Dam – Brave) highlight positive traits.

Don’t forget the fun

  • Food for thought: Names like Bánh (Banh – Cake) or Bún (Bun – Rice noodles) are cute and lighthearted.
  • Pop culture references: If it suits your pup’s personality, why not choose a name inspired by a Vietnamese folktale character or a famous dog from Vietnamese media?

Bonus tip

  • Get the family involved: Brainstorming with family members can spark new ideas and make choosing a name a fun bonding experience.

Final Words

With a little exploration of Vietnamese culture and your pup’s unique personality, you’re sure to find the perfect name.

Remember, the best name is one that you love saying and that rolls easily off your tongue.

Vietnamese dog names are the perfect fit for your new pup. And if you can’t find the perfect name on this list, don’t worry – we have plenty more on our Asian dog names with meanings that will inspire you!

So, have fun exploring the beautiful world of Vietnamese names and get ready to hear your dog answer to their new moniker with pride! Chúc mừng (Chuc mung – Congratulations)!

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