The Best Viking Cat Names: A List of 130+ Cat Names & Meanings

In Viking mythology, cats were considered to be a symbol of wealth.

Lucky Vikings would often have a cat as their guardian because they believed the animals could bring them good luck.

It’s no wonder that many Viking cat names are based on Norse gods and goddesses!

In this blog post, we will explore 130+ Viking cat names that you can use for your new pet or adopt from an animal shelter near you.

viking cat names

Male Viking Cat Names

Erick Eternal ruler
Ulrik means Noble Ruler
Ragnar popularized by a series of books and then the TV show Viking
Gunnar means “he who can stand alone”
Thorwald Thor’s ruler
Rollo Famous wolf
Thorstein Thor’s stone
Oscar Deer lover
Ráðúlfr Wolf counsel
Aric means Eternal Ruler
Thurmond Thor’s protection
Lamont Law man
Knute Knot
Sindri Child of the gods
Leif Heir
Gustav Stave of the Goths
Roscoe Doe in the wood
Helge Holy, blessed
Randúlfr Edge of a shield
Kirby Church town, village with a church
Bolden a Norse surname
Olaf Ancestor’s descendant
Thor Thunder
Tor Thunder, varriant of Thor
Thormund Thor’s protection
Eric Ever ruler, always ruler
Ole Ancestor’s descendant
Alvar Elven army
Balder Prince
Sven Boy
Olan Royal forefather
Thorwald Thor’s ruler
Haraldr Army ruler
Leif means “beloved”
Male Viking Cat Names
Thurman Thor’s protection
Dustin Dusty place
Garth Garden, works in a garden
Thor the god of thunder and lightning
Aric Eternal ruler
Esben God bear
Olof Ancestor’s latest descendant
Rosco Doe in the woods
Brynjar Protection, armor
Bernhard Brave like the bear
Loki Loki was the trickster god of Norse myth
Vidar means Ruler
Magus means Great, Big or Mighty
Ivor Archer, warrior with the bow
Njord Beloved of / belonging to Jord
Erling Descendant of the Chieftain or Noble
Erich The eternal ruler
Gunner Warrior
Thormund Thor’s protection
Sigurðr Victory or guardian
Ericson son of the eternal one
Kirk Church, chapel
Audley Ancestor
Thurston Thor’s stone
Thurston Thor’s stone
Ívarr Archer, warrior with the bow
Brenner To burn
Bjorn Bear
Einar One warrior, lone warrior
Odin Rage
Thurman Thor’s protection
Alvis Old and wise
Odin means Master of Inspiration
Hjalmer Helmeted warrior
Eiríkr Ever ruler or always ruler

Female Viking Cat Names

Dagmær Day maid
Signe Victory new
Tófa Beautiful Thor
Freya means “noble lady”
Thora feminine form of Thor
Freyja Alternate spelling of Freya
Dagny New day
Erna Serious
Brynhildr Battle armor and / or protection in battle
Sigríðrgirl Victory beautiful
Tófa Beautiful child of Thor
Hjördís Sword goddess
Signý Victory or new
Gefjun an ancient goddess of agriculture and abundance
Elli Old age, wisdom
Thora Feminine form of Thor
Ragna Short form of names beginning with Ragna
Brenna Sorrow
Nerthus a goddess associated with fertility
Rindr Old Norse name
Thorstein Thor’s stone
Liv Protection
Ari Lion/Lioness
Astrid means “divinely beautiful”
Siri Victory or beautiful
Betzy an oath/vow
Brynja Protection, armor
Rinda Latin variant of a Norse name
Sigrid means “beautiful victory”
Shelby Ancient surname
Ingrid means “beautiful beloved”
Brenda Sword
Jordis Sword weilding goddess
Inga Warrior
Female Viking Cat Names
Gunhilda means “battle maiden”
Alwilda Elf battle
Jord Pronounced Yord, this norse goddess was the mother of Thor
Dagmar Day maid
Helga Holy, blessed
Gerda Strong with the spear
Tora a modern Scandinavian name
Siv to symbolize the earth’s bounty and a fine harvest
Nanna an Old Norse name
Erika Eternal ruler
Tora a modern Scandinavian name
Rowan cute little redhead
Hulda Weasel, mole
Solveig means “strong house” and is associated with the sun
Hildr battle
Ericka Eternal ruler, feminine form
Hildur Battle
Ingeborg Ing’s protection or Ing’s help
Alfhild Elf battle
Saga Seeing one, great journey
Blenda a heroine of ancient myth
Astrid God’s fair, god’s strength
Dahlia Valley
Inge Shortened form of names beginning with Inge
Sigrid Victory beautiful
Vernelle Place were the alders are
Ingergirl Ing is beautiful
Raven Raven
Halle Rock
Signa Victory, new
Erica Feminine form of Eric, meaning ruler
Eir Mearcy
Iona Island
Freya Lady

We hope you enjoyed this list of Viking cat names.

If your kitty didn’t make the cut, don’t worry! We have over 190+ other Aztec and Mayan cat names to widen your options.

The next time you need a new name for the newest addition to your family, be sure to check out our blog post before settling on something boring like Bob or Lisa.

And who knows? Maybe one day we will have enough Viking cats named after people in history that they can actually take over and conquer England again (this is just speculation).

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