Will Vinegar Stop Your Dog from Pooping in the Same Spot?

Will vinegar stop dog pooping in same spot

Dog owners frequently experience the dilemma of their dearest furry friends choosing specific spots to relieve themselves.

This behavior can demonstrate annoying and possibly hurt your grass or carpet and rug.

One frequently suggested solution is vinegar, however, does it really deliver results?

In this explanation, we will dig into this matter to decide its efficacy and reveal insight into the subject.

Does Vinegar Stop Dogs from Pooping in the Same Spot?


Vinegar is a typical family item that has been promoted as a possible answer for this issue.

The explanation for this is that dogs have a profoundly evolved sense of smell, and vinegar has a seriously strong smell for a dog finds it unpleasant.

Therefore, it’s believed that applying vinegar to a dog’s favorite pooping spot can discourage them from using it once more.

In any case, it’s vital to take note that while vinegar can be a temporary solution, it’s anything but a false-proof technique.

A few dogs may not be as irritated by the smell of vinegar, and it may not discourage them from getting back to their favorite spot.

Moreover, vinegar can be hard to apply effectively.

It’s not generally simple to ensure that the whole spot is adequately covered in vinegar, and if some parts of it are treated, then different areas might remain to a great extent unaffected by the smell.

Furthermore, since vinegar is a fluid, it can evaporate or washed away by rain.

This implies that normal applications might be expected to hold the area back from smelling acceptable to your dog.

How to use vinegar to deter dogs from pooping in the same spot?


Assuming you’re keen on attempting vinegar to deter your dog from pooping in a similar spot, there are a couple of steps that you should take.

Here is an overview of the process:

Clean the area thoroughly

The most important step in using vinegar to stop dogs from pooping in a similar spot is to completely clean the area thoroughly.

This is essential because any leftover defecation will draw your canine back to that spot.

Use a pet-safe cleaner and paper towels or a cloth to eliminate all traces of feces completely.

Then, generously spray the whole area with white vinegar, ensuring to cover each spot your dog used for pooping.

Apply vinegar multiple times

When you’ve completely cleaned the area and applied a generous amount of vinegar, make sure to repeat the process a few times.

This will assist with reinforcing the aroma of the vinegar, making it almost certain that your dog will find it unpleasant and try not to return to that spot.

Depending on how frequently your dog visits the spot, you might have to reapply the vinegar as frequently as at regular intervals.

Furthermore, for additional difficult dogs, you can select to use a stronger solution like apple cider vinegar.

Make sure other smells are not competing with the vinegar

It’s vital to ensure that different scents, like food or treats, are not competing with the aroma of the vinegar.

Assuming your dog has a most loved treat that he enjoys close to his pooping spot, you should move it away from the area and replace it with something less engaging, for example, citrus peels or coffee beans.

This will assist with guaranteeing that the smell of vinegar is stronger than some other competing scents and will be more successful at hindering your dog from getting back to the spot.

Monitor your dog’s behavior

The last step in using utilizing vinegar to dogs from pooping in a similar spot is to closely monitor your dog’s way of behaving intently.

Once more ensure he isn’t getting back to his favorite area, and in the event that he does, reapply the vinegar solution.

It might take some time and patience for the vinegar to be effective, yet whenever done reliably and accurately, it can prove an effective solution in stopping your dog from getting back to a similar spot.

Other ways to deter dogs from pooping in the same spot


Besides vinegar, there are a couple of different strategies you can use to prevent cogs from pooping in the same spot.


One of the best ways of discouraging dogs from pooping in the same spot is through training.

Showing your canine where it’s suitable to relieve themselves can assist them with understanding that specific areas are forbidden.

Using encouraging feedback and giving awards for good behavior can likewise be valuable in building up this thought.

Physical Barriers

One more method for hindering canines from pooping in the same spot is to use physical barriers.

Setting up a fence or gate around the area can be an effective method for keeping your dog out of its number one spot.

Also, f you have multiple dogs, using separate areas for every one of them can keep them from all going to a similar area.

Use commercial repellents

Another choice is to use commercial repellents.

These products contain fragrances that are unpleasant for dogs, like citrus or menthol, and can be splashed onto the area where your dog will in general relieve itself.

Commercial repellents are generally safe and non-toxic, yet you should continuously read the directions and follow them cautiously.


To summarize, vinegar can be a significant aid in deterring your canine from picking a particular spot for disposal, however, it ought not to be exclusively depended upon as a secure arrangement.

For optimal results, add this methodology with consistent training efforts and environmental adjustments.

Remember that changing your dog’s way of behaving requires tolerance and immovability.

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