40+ Zen Cat Names – Best Way To Name Your Feline Friend


Do you have a cat?

Do you want to find the best name for your furry feline friend?

If you have a problem finding a good cat name and you’re running out of names for her, this blog post is just what you need.

It contains zen names that will calm your kitty down and make him feel at home in his new home, as well as some names with more personality to give your cat an identity of its own. 

Male Zen Cat Names

Names Meanings
Jonah Peace
Corey God peace
Ingram Raven of peace
Geoffrey Peace
Jalen Healer, tranquil
Frederick Peaceful ruler
Axel Father is peace
Manfred Man of peace
Solomon Peace
Benjiro Enjoy peace
Galen Calm
Noah Peaceful
Pax Peace
Shiloh Peace
Renfrew Calm river
Salem Peace
Concord Peace
Humphrey Peaceful warrior
Rei Calm
Peace settlement
Renfred Powerful peace
Sereno Tranquil
Godfrey God peace

Female Zen Cat Names

Names Meanings
Serena Serene, calm
Peace, prosperous
Harmony Unity, peace
Evania Peaceful
Calm as still waters
Dove Peace
Peace, fair, blessed
Concordia Harmony
Rica Peaceful ruler
Emeline Peaceful home
Janoah Quiet, calm
Amani Peace
Axelle Father is peace
Malina Peace
Galina Calm
Fritzi Peaceful ruler
Miroslava Peaceful glory
Friendship, harmony
Rena Peace
Chessa At peace
Irene Peace
Paz Peace
Freda Peaceful

While our list is by no means comprehensive, it does provide some fantastic and unique naming ideas for your new furry friend.

There are many more options out there than just the ones we’ve listed here, like our Buddhist cat names that are worth visiting.

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