14 Amazing And Fun Horse Facts

#7 Underneath the hoof of a horse, you will see ‘frog’.

It is nothing but an area of the hoof that has a triangular shape.

#8 Horses are incapable of breathing through their mouths.

They can breathe only through their nostrils. This anatomy is known as ‘obligate nasal breathers’.

#10 There is something called zorse, and then there is a zony, and finally, there is a zonky.

Together these are called zebroids.

  • Zorse is a cross between zebra and horse.
  • Zony is a cross between zebra and pony.
  • Zonky is a cross between zebra and donkey.

#11 One of the fun horse facts is that there are 16 muscles in each ear of a horse.

This allows the horse to rotate its ears to 180 degrees.

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