14 Fancy Facts About Persian Cats

#7 There are more than 80 different fur colors that occur

From tortoises and calico to orange, grey, and black-and-white, the varieties are plentiful. Other sub-variants of the Persian include toy and teacup sizes, Himalayans - which are a cross between a Persian and a Siamese - and Chinchilla Longhairs, which have pointy noses and black-tipped fur.

#8 The Persian is perhaps one of the most well-represented breeds in popular culture

#9 However, the breed hasn’t always had a squished visage

Persians once had a more pronounced muzzle, but in the 1950s a genetic mutation caused a batch of kittens to be born with scrunched features.


#10 Persians look a lot like Turkish Angoras

Persians have a stockier build, a larger head, rounder eyes, and a slightly longer coat, whereas Turkish Angoras have lithe bodies, pointed ears, and a plume-like tail.



This breed is known for remaining inactive for long periods of time. They are very lazy cats and can spend hours staying in the same place without moving.