14 Interesting Facts About Chow Chows

How well do you think you know your Chow Chow? Here’s some interesting facts, and I bet that you didn’t know atleast half of them about this adorable breed!

#1 It’s trusted that the pooches have been around for about 2000 to 3000 years.

#2 China utilized these feathery little guys as working mutts; they were prepared to chase, watch, pull sleds, and now and then group steers.

#4 We may call the puppies Chow Chows, however, in China, the breed is called Songshi Quan.

#5 The name ‘Chow’ originates from a pidgin-English term used to depict anything originating from the East in the eighteenth century.

#6 As puppies, the Chow Chow dogs have a normal pink colored tongue.

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