14 Maine Coon Facts Are So Unreal, You Wont Believe They’re All True

#7 The first commercially cloned pet was a Maine Сoon Сat.

  1. When I saw this picture I was reminded of my Maine Coon Duke. He passed away at 15 yrs. old this past June and I am still morning him. He was truly the most wonderful cad/dog tee hee you ever saw. He got up to 27.5 lbs. Dr Norsworthy of San Antonio.

  2. This is Jeanne once again. I got Duke from Dr Norsworthy who specializes in cats only. He has a website. If I ever decide to get another cat it would be the Maine Coon hands down. I miss my best friend every day!

  3. I would like to send a picture of Duke if you will let me know how to do it. His parents were First place winners in the San Antonio TX cat show so he was a true pure Maine Coon
    Thank you
    Jeanne D

#12 According to history the original Coon cats may have had extra toes.

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