14 Popular Myths About Dogs That It’s Time To Stop Believing

When we get a dog, it becomes a member of our family. We love her and are ready to give her only the best. But do we always understand our pets correctly? Do our ideas about raising a puppy to comply with modern standards?

#1 If the dog yawns, then she wants to sleep

Sometimes owners may notice that the dog is yawning in situations that are not conducive to sleep, for example during a game or when it is petted (especially strangers). This does not mean that she is bored or wants to sleep. Yawning for dogs is a way to cope with arousal and relieve stress.

#2 Dog saliva has healing properties

Do not let the dog lick the wounds. In order for them to heal faster, it is necessary, on the contrary, to prevent licking by putting a protective collar on the dog.

#3 The best food for dogs is raw meat

Some owners believe that dogs should be fed raw meat. But they do not take into account that the meat does not have enough useful substances and vitamins for the dog, but there can be a lot of parasites and pathogenic microorganisms.

#4 Fluffy dogs need to shave in the summer because they are hot

Many owners shave their pets in the summer, believing that thereby saving them from the heat, but in most cases, this is not so. The fact is that dogs have an undercoat. In spring, during molting, the undercoat remains exactly as long as necessary so that the animal feels comfortable in the summer.

#5 Dog shoes invented only for beauty

In some cases, such an accessory is a real necessity. You can say as much as you like that nature itself took care of everything, endowing the dog with the ability to move on any ground in any weather. However, she hardly expected that we would begin to scatter reagents in the streets and fill the roads with asphalt, which turns into real lava in the heat.

#6 You can’t teach the old dog new tricks

It is possible and necessary to educate and train a dog, regardless of age. However, in the case of an adult dog, it will take more time and patience.

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