14 Popular Myths About Dogs That It’s Time To Stop Believing

#13 The mongrel is healthier than thoroughbred dogs

This myth is so popular that many do not vaccinate their “mongrel”, explaining this by the fact that they lived on the streets for centuries, which means that their immunity will cope with everything on their own. But this is not so. The life expectancy of stray dogs is very short, they die from the same diseases as thoroughbred pets, just people don’t notice it.

#14 If the dog made a puddle, you need to poke her nose into this puddle

It has long been proven that this technique does not work. Teaching a puppy to cope on the street is in some ways similar to the process of teaching a child to potty. Only positive reinforcement and “preventive” measures work: more often give the dog the opportunity to do his own thing outside the home.

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