14 Popular Myths About Dogs That It’s Time To Stop Believing

#7 If the dog reacts violently to the owner’s arrival home, then she loves him very much

If your dog loses control when you come home (runs in circles, jumps, whimpers), this does not mean that she loves you more than the dog that meets the owner, calmly wagging its tail. It only means that her upbringing was not properly dealt with. There are different ways to teach a dog to meet the owner and guests calmly.

#8 All dogs love to swim

Indeed, most dogs can swim and do it with pleasure, others can be accustomed to this. But some can not even stay on the water.

Poorly adapted to swimming dogs with powerful breasts and a heavy skull - bulldogs, mastiffs, dachshunds, boxers.

#9 If the dog does not come into contact with other animals, you may not vaccinate it.

Not all existing vaccines are needed by your dog. A set of required vaccinations may vary by location. Before vaccinating a dog, you must always consult a veterinarian.

#10 If the nose is dry, it means the dog is sick

This myth has been repeatedly refuted, but dog owners still check their pets' noses and are worried if it suddenly turns out to be warm and dry. Look at the skin on the pet’s nose: if it is cracked or crusty, it can be a sign of illness.

#11 Dogs need to be given bones to nibble on.

For centuries, we have been told that dogs absolutely need bones. This myth is widely reflected both in literature and in painting, but in fact, there is much more harm from bones. Boiled tubular bones, for example from a chicken leg, are especially dangerous: a dog easily bites them and as a result swallows sharp fragments that injure its digestive tract.

#12 If the dog wags its tail, then it is friendly

It is necessary to pay attention to other signs: a dog that clearly wants to be stroked, in addition to wagging its tail, crouches on its hind legs, puts its back, turns around in a spinning top. If the dog’s body is practically motionless and it only wags its tail, then, most likely, the animal is tense and can attack.

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