14 Pros And Cons Of Achatina Snails

African snails Achatina – exotic animals that are gaining popularity and become pets. Want to know more about them? Then read our article.

#1 Do not cause allergies.

Therefore, they are great for people who can’t get cats, dogs, hamsters in the house. Safe for both adults and children.

#2 They are odorless.

Therefore, it does not matter how many clams you need to grow - two or twenty. No need to buy air fresheners.

#3 Silent.

Snails just crawl along the walls of the aquarium, do not scream, do not beg for food, but wait quietly for it. They do not have sharp teeth and claws, so they do not spoil things, and you can sleep peacefully at night.

#4 They have decorative properties.

Reaching huge sizes, they look very interesting. Beautifully obtained in the photo, and fit perfectly into the home interior.

#5 They are calm.

You can watch them at least for hours on end, pick them up. Snails will not break out, and try to escape.

#6 They allow you to have additional income.

They have a very large offspring that can be sold.

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