14 Pros And Cons Of Achatina Snails

#7 Rejuvenate the skin.

To feel the effect of rejuvenation, it is necessary to plant a snail on the face. She does massage, cleanses the skin, heals wounds, scratches. After the procedure, the face looks fresh and rejuvenated.

#8 Relieve stress.

Watching the slow movement of the snails helps to calm down.

#9 Very slippery.

Not suitable for fastidious people, as mucus will cause disgust.

#10 Too passive.

They do not run happily to meet the hosts, you will not play with them especially.

#11 You can not let out for free walking around the house.

They may injure or damage the s.

#12 Ill with improper maintenance.

It is important to notice unusual behavior in time, to establish its cause. Often vets do not know how to cure a snail.

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