14 Pros And Cons Of The Beagle

Before deciding whether to purchase a Beagle breed pet, each potential owner should obtain information about the health status, character, and temperament of these dogs, calculate the approximate costs that will be required to maintain the pet, and decide whether it is suitable for your family.

#1 Beagles are funny and good-natured dogs.

They get along well with adults and children and get along well with other dogs and cats.

#2 These dogs are very mobile.

They are excellent companions in hunting, sports, and games.

#3 Beagles adore their master.

But they easily tolerate separation from the owner, so he can safely go on a trip, entrusting his pet with responsible acquaintances.

#4 Most beagles are easy to train.

With a competent approach to the learning process.

#5 Most beagles have good immunity.

Their lifespan with good care and proper feeding is 12-15 years.

#6 Beagles almost never molt, thanks to their short hair.

It is easy to care for the dog’s coat with a special glove or brush.

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