14 Reasons Why The Keeshond Totally Owns The Nickname The Smiling Dutchman

There’s one thing everyone agrees on, and that’s that the best way to refer to this joyful breed is the Smiling Dutchman.

#2 “Quiche Hound,” some will put it, or “Keys Hound.” (The correct pronunciation is “caze-hawnd.”)

#3 They survived the humiliating experience of being formally classified as “Overweight Pomeranians.”

#4 They wear “spectacles.”

The spectacles, the standard specifies, is “a combination of markings and shadings in the orbital area which must include a delicate, dark line slanting from the outer corner of each eye toward the lower corner of each ear, coupled with coupled with expressive eyebrows.”

#5 Rolling on the river was their original job.

Breed experts say that this work history has a lot to do with why they are appealing to modern dog owners looking for a great all-around family companion.

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