14 Stunning Facts About Persian Cats

Persian cats are, perhaps, best known for their flat faces, big eyes, and long, luxurious coats, but there’s much more to these pretty kitties than looks.

#1 Persian Cats Have a Mysterious Origin Story.

It's commonly believed that Persian cats originated in Mesopotamia, which was later named Persia—explaining the name "Persian" cats. 

#2 Persians Come in a Range of Colors and Varieties.

In addition to the white or silver Persians we all know, these pretty kitties can have grey, orange, black, tri-colored, and even calico coats. And there are just as many varieties of Persian cats, including tortoises, calico, and tuxedo.

#3 Persians Haven’t Always Had Flat Faces.

Persians are probably best known for their squished faces, but you may be surprised to learn that Persians didn't always have flat muzzles.

#6 Persians Aren’t Actually Divas.

Persians are actually one of the lower maintenance breeds—as long as you keep on top of their grooming and the cat hair clean-up.