14 Tips For Choosing A Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Yorkshire Terrier is a funny and wayward breed of dog. They were initially bred in Yorkshire, England in the 19th century, to catch rats on English ships. They are wonderful pets but require responsible handling. If you want to have a puppy, you must be prepared for responsibility and be able to choose for yourself a suitable puppy that will become part of your family.

#1 Yorkshire Terrier puppies can be purchased from two to three months of age.

#2 Kids should be vaccinated, have a veterinary passport with appropriate marks and seals.

#3 Don’t be overjoyed at the sight of adorable babes. First, take a close look at them.

#4 First of all, choose a healthy, active child who should be strong in his tiny size, cheerful, playful and mobile.

#5 He should have a clean, shiny coat. Dandruff, peeling, dry hair – all this indicates a problem.

#6 The puppy should have straight limbs and rounded, gathered in a lump of paws.

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