14 Tips For Choosing A Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

#7 Its movements are free and coordinated, while the top line remains straight. If the puppy has a back with a hump, then this will persist in an adult dog.

#8 Ask permission to take the puppy in your arms and examine it from head to toe and tail. The nose should be black, cold and wet. After sleep, it can be warm. There should be no discharge or white border along the edge of the nose.

#9 Look into its mouth. Gums usually have a juicy pink color, their pallor indicates anemia. Each jaw has six incisors and two fangs.

#10 A two – three-month-old puppy of the Yorkshire Terrier, claiming further to show victories, the fontanel should be closed.

#11 York’s eyes are dark, moist, looking straight ahead, without any deviations in one direction or another. Smudges under the eyes may indicate eyelid defects.

#12 The ears of not all York puppies are raised by the age of two months, but if you buy a puppy from thoroughbred parents, then there is no reason to worry, of course, if the puppy’s ears are not too large and heavy. Examine the puppy’s ears carefully.

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