14 Tips For Keeping And Feeding Domestic Ferrets

Hundreds of species of exotic animals that live in different parts of the world have long been available for keeping at home. Today we’ll talk about ferrets – small predators that have been kept at home as pets for eight centuries. Therefore, we will consider in more detail how to care for a ferret at home, so that he feels comfortable.💕

#1 For sleep and basic pastime, the animal will need a cage.💗

Choose a cage with the thickest and strongest metal rods so that the ferret does not straighten them and escape from the home.

#2 It is recommended to lay soft flannel sheets as bedding, and sawdust is also suitable.

The content of the cell should be changed every two days, in order to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor, which is a feature of ferrets.

#3 It is imperative to place a container of sand in a cage so that the animal normally goes to the toilet.

#4 In this case, do not keep the cage closed. The ferret must choose the time when to use it.

#5 Equipping a pet’s dwelling with various ladders, houses🏠, boxes with sand for digging and other charms, you can more easily accustom a ferret to it.

Also, do not forget about fur and rubber toys.

#6 The food of domestic ferrets is selected so that it coincides with the products consumed by these animals in the wild.

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