14 Tips For Keeping And Feeding Domestic Ferrets

#7 Ferrets prefer to hunt small rodents🐁🐀, so do not forget to periodically buy them such a treat in special pet stores.

#8 The diet of ferrets includes minced meat, meat, various cereals, and special dry food.

#9 In no case do not feed the animal from the table.

It is not recommended to mix ready-made feed and natural food.

#10 It is also possible and even necessary to give animals bones.

The animal’s teeth are adapted for crushing bones. The stomach of the ferret is capable of digesting the food received for three hours.

#11 In addition to beef and pork, animals must also receive digestible proteins in the form of chicken, turkey, duck, fish, eggs.🥩🍗🥚

#12 The bulk of the diet should still be dry food, which is sold in specialized stores and is designed specifically for these animals.

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