15 Books About Vizslas

#7 “Let Me Tell You about Jasper . . .: How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog” (2016) by Dana Perino.

#8 “Vizsla Training By Blue Fence Dog Training Obedience – Behavior Commands – Socialize Hand Cues Too! Vizsla Book” (2019) by Douglas K Naiyn.

#9 “Vizsla Dog Training | Dog Training with the No BRAINER Dog TRAINER ~ We Make it THAT Easy! |: How to EASILY TRAIN Your Vizsla” (2015) by Mr. Paul Allen Pearce.

#11 “I Want A Pet Wirehaired Vizsla: Fun Learning Activities” (2014) by Gail Forsyth.

#12 “Vizsla Dog Training & Behavior Understanding Tips” (2013) by Julia Silverton.

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