15 Evidence That Leonbergers Are The Best Family Dogs

Leonbergers are powerful dogs due to their huge appearance, but they are adorable as the family pet. Leonbergers are highly affectionate, kid-friendly, intelligent, and of course, easy to train. 

Leonberger is a huge shaggy friend, and it really is! An unusually beautiful appearance, an elegant lion’s walk, and a regal calm look attract everyone’s attention and delight the eye. But not even a magnificent appearance, but a unique character, Leonberger has created a reputation for being an ideal dog for home, for family.

#1 These dogs have a balanced temperament, which allows them to be used as pleasant and obedient companions.

#2 Leonbergers are self-confident, independent, devoid of aggressiveness, and quite patient, but sometimes they become stubborn.💝

#3 They are quite massive, dogs of this breed are obedient and efficiently carry out human commands.

#4 They are fearless, loyal to their master, vigilantly guard the entrusted territory.💜💙

#6 To warn the owner of the danger can bark. It bites a little, although it has a formidable look.

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