16 Healthy Eating Rules For Leonbergers

Leonberger feeding plays an essential role in the proper growth and development of dogs. There is no consensus on what to feed Leonberger – dry food for large breeds or natural food. 🥩🍠Let’s figure out the best way to feed a dog and what is wholly prohibited.

#1 Puppies eat quite often. Up to 2 months they need to be fed 5-6 times a day.🍴🥄🍽

#2 The main thing is never mixing dry food and natural food in one feeding.

#3 Dry food includes a complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for the animal.

#4 When using dry food, it is only necessary to ensure that after taking the food, the Leonberger drinks a lot of water.☕🥛

#5 When choosing natural food for Leonberger nutrition, adhere to the main rule of the dog breeder – never feed from the table.

#6 An unbalanced, fried or fatty food leads to an upset and problems in the digestive tract.🍳🥓🍟👎

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