15 Interesting Facts About Hamsters

Hamsters are cute pets that many people love to keep at home, but few people know that in the wild, these funny animals lead a rather aggressive lifestyle. They fearlessly attack any enemy that infringes on their mink, and fights between hamsters are sometimes cruel. Although, of course, it is difficult to believe in it, watching how a furry pet is actively running in a circle. If you want to learn more incredibly exciting facts about hamsters, read our article.

#1 The largest breed – the European hamster, can grow up to 34 centimeters in length.

#2 The smallest breed – the dwarf hamster, reaches 5 centimeters in length.

#3 Hamsters are very intelligent animals, they can even be taught to respond to their name. They also lend themselves to training and are able to perform tricks.

#4 Hamsters can store food in their cheeks, so they collect available food, and then take it to their colony to eat later.

#6 Hamsters remember their relatives, with whom they lived in the same cell.

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