15 Most Incredible Facts About Beagles

Beagle dogs. Where did they come from? Why do royal people like them? Why are they considered exemplary service animals? What helped them become screen stars? Read these and other interesting facts about beagles in our article.πŸΆπŸ’—πŸ’―

#1 Ancient hunters. They hunted for prey and helped hunters get the trophy at all costs.

#2 Dogs of this breed were kept by Edward II, Henry VIII, and George IV.

#3 The color is usually three-colored, most often white, black and red.

#4 By nature, Beagles are convinced optimists. Looking at them, you might think that they shine with happiness, liveliness, and excellent mood.

#5 They easily get along with children of all ages and will enthusiastically participate in all joint activities.

#6 They can be trained to find drugs and illicit chemicals, even in the smallest concentrations.

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