15 Steps How To Wash the Cat and Stay Alive

#7 Step 5. Put a degreasing paste and wait. The waiting time (aging) is indicated in the instructions for the paste. Then thoroughly rinse off the paste. At the same time, the entire coat of the animal is soaked. Neatly! Do not pour water into your ears! If you need to wash the cat’s head, then we cover the animal’s head with a palm and press our ears to the head.

#8 Step 6. Apply a degreasing shampoo.

We apply a degreasing shampoo evenly over the entire coat of the animal.

#10 We repeat step 6 again (once again, apply a degreasing shampoo to the cat’s hair).

For better penetration of shampoo into the wool, use a massage mitt. Stroking a cat by the hair.

#11 Repeat step 7, i.e. thoroughly wash off the degreasing shampoo until a “creak of wool” appears. Run a palm across the coat, the coat should “creak”.

#12 Step 8. At this step, we will use a shampoo-texturizer, which after washing will give wool fluffy. Texturizing shampoo is used when washing cats with semi-long-haired and long-haired breeds.

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