50+ Cute And Adorable Blue Burmese Cat Names With Meanings


Burmese cats are a cute and adorable cat breed, but blue burmese cats are exotic and beautiful creatures. If you happened to have a blue burmese cat, you probably wonder what name you should give to this cute creature. 

Well, no need to worry since we’ve covered blue burmese cat name ideas to inspire you. Hope these name lists below suit your taste. Let’s dig into the name ideas below!

Male Blue Burmese Cat Names

Male Blue Burmese Cat Names Meanings Origins
River River shares the tranquil feeling of all the water names Nature
Dion Child of heaven and earth Greek
Cielo Sky Italian
Bleu Blue French
Sky It’s a name we appreciate for its clear, wide-open feel, less hippyish than others like Rainbow and Starlight Nature
Royal Even less subtle than Duke or Earl, this name is leaping up the popularity charts English
Lake This body of water runs deep, the best of a group of new possibilities that includes Bay, Ocean, River Nature
Ocean Nature names like Ocean and River are flowing back into favor Nature
Robin Bright fame English
Lazuli Name of a gemstone means sky and heaven Latin
Jay Jaybird Latin
Bay Berry Latin
Cyan Greenish blue color English
Zafiro Sapphire Spanish
Shyam Dark, black, blue Sanskrit
Azure Azure is a colorful choice for a blue-eyed child Color
Indigo Indigo is one of the most appealing and evocative of the new generation of color names Greek
Caelum Heaven Latin
Mar Sea Spanish
Araceli Altar of the sky Spanish

Female Blur Burmese Cat Names

Female Blue Burmese Cat Names Meanings Origins
Neelam Blue sapphire Hindi
Sapphire Blue and jewel name
Hebrew, Greek, and Latin
Celeste Heavenly Latin
Oceane This is a sophisticated name that could easily cross the ocean French
Maya Water Greek
Hyacinth Blue flower Greek
Cyane Bright blue enamel Greek
Kailani Sea and sky Hawaiian
Celestine Heavenly Latin
Marina Promenade by the sea
Spanish or Italian
Sena This world’s beauty or grace, army, to praise, bringing heaven to earth
Korean, Hindi, Arabic, African
Aqua One of the new color names that is catching on, invoking a calm, blue-green-sea feeling Color
Hydrangea Blue flower means water vessel Greek
Kehlani Sea and sky Hawaiian
Ciel Sky French
Juno Queen of the heaven Latin
Celia Heavenly Latin
Lilac Bluish or lilac Persian
Bluebell Bluebell is one flower name that is used very quietly English
Talia Gentle dew from heaven Hebrew
Skye Slightly hippie-ish nature name Scottish
Kalani The heavens Hawaiian
Celestina Heavenly
Italian and Spanish
Alya Heavens, highborn, exalted Arabic
Celestia Heavenly Latin
Aaliyah Heavens, highborn, exalted Arabic
Azula Blue
Modern invented name
Iris Rainbow Greek
Hyacinth Blue larkspur, precious stone Greek
Celine Heavenly French
Livia Blue and envious Latin
Neela Sapphire blue Hindi, Sanskrit

If you prefer Burmese names in general, you can visit our burmese cat names since there are tons of ideas there and you might find the perfect name for your cat.

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