90+ Celtic Cat Names – Unique Cat Names With Meanings For Your Kitten


Celtic cat names are becoming more popular as pet owners seek to find unique and meaningful names for their cats. Celtic culture is steeped in history and tradition, and there are many Celtic names that would make perfect names for cats.

If you are looking for a unique cat name, then the Celtic cat name would probably fit with your cute kitten. And here are the ideas of Celtic cat names to inspire you!

Male Celtic Cat Names

Names Meanings
Shane God’s gracious gift
Harvey Eager for Battle
Darcy Dark
Adalardo Noble
Flannery Red skinned
Arland Pledge
Darcy Dark
Arthur High, Noble
Rory Red king
Elidor Mythical Monk
Fionn Fair or white
Little dark prince
A strong willed warrior
Galvyn Sparrow
Boden Blond
Alan Handsome
Niall Champion
From the church farm
Ardor, enthusiasm
Doyle Dark stranger
Barden Minstrel, Bard
Tierney Lord, master
Aidan Little fire
Gallagher Foreign helper
Eljin Noble
Guardian of the riches
Bryce Speckled
Nels Chief
Gall Stranger
Glen Secluded Valley
Marvin Sea Lover
Fearghus Manly
Body Blond
Ronan Little seal
Gwri Golden Haired
Finley Fair hero
Finnegan Fair or white
Little church or little war
Guy Guide
Brann Raven
Gray or White Haired
Small blond soldier
Honorable, Strong One
Carney Victorious
Murphy Sea warrior
Kieran Little dark one
Cormac Son
Conan Little wolf
Neil Champion
Cadman Fighter
Quinn Wise

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Female Celtic Cat Names

Names Meanings
Muriel Shining Sea
Orla Golden princess
Possessor of wisdom
Glenda Holy and good
Ciara Dark haired
Edna Fire
Allene Attractive
Gilda Servant of God
Bearer of good news
Alys Noble
Aithne Little Fire
Gitta Strong
Aline Fair
Deheune Divine One
Donella World Ruler
Sybil Fortune teller
Erea From Ireland
Ireland, land of abundance
Kira Black
Ailidh Kind
A rhythmic flow of sounds
Deirdre Woman
Strong, virtuous, honorable
Nara Contented
Fiona White or fair
Sheena God is gracious
Mabina Nimble
Siobhan God is gracious
Legendary Name
Power, strength, virtue
Engl Light
Merry disposition
Sinead God forgave
Briannah Strong
Beautiful, pretty rose
Mirna Tender
Iona Purple jewel
Brina Protector
Briannon Strong
Saoirse Freedom
Birkita Strength
Alane Fair
Gwendolin White Wave
Genevieve White Wave

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I hope you enjoyed this guide to some of the best Celtic cat names. Whether you want a name that will sound good in both English and Gaelic or something more exotic, there is sure to be one for your feline friend.

If you are looking for even more inspiration, you can visit our European cat names or foreign cat names from different cultures around the world. There are plenty of options available!

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