110+ Cheese Inspired Cat Names – For Cute Male And Female Kittens


Food names have been popular today for a cat name, since it’s unique and easy to remember, including cheese names. 

If you are looking for a cat name, we suggest you name your cute kitten with a cheese name, since cheese is a favorite food. It’s hard to eat any meal without cheese.  Just like it’s hard to spend your spare time without playing with a cat 

So, here we’ve compiled all the best cheese inspired cat names to help you find the perfect name for your adorable kitten.

Cheese Female Cat Names

Female names Descriptions
Cheese Village is located near the town of Imsil Korea
Sweet to extremely salty cheese obtained from cow’s or sheep’s raw or pasteurized milk
A dry cream cheese with a crumbly texture that is formed into balls and often has string cheese wrapped around it.
Fresh, unripened curd cheese made from water buffalo milk
A sharp and salty product made by fermenting cheese for several months in salted whey
The curds are pressed into cheese molds which are drained, and then the cheese is aged
A traditional cheese in Middle East countries
A salty white cheese made up of strands of cheese woven together
Norwegian cow’s milk cheese produced by Tine
A small round cheese made from sheep’s milk, salt and rennet, Ġbejniet are prepared and served in a variety of forms
Prgica Smoked cheese from Varazdin
Sweet non-fermented cheese obtained from cow’s or sheep’s milk
A pickled Georgian cheese from the Samegrelo region. It has a sour, moderately salty flavor
A traditional Slovakian cheese, it is a semi-firm, non-ripening, semi-fat, steamed and usually smoked cheese
A type of brine cheese made in South-Eastern Europe, especially popular in Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, North Macedonia and Greece
Kesong puti
A soft, white cheese, similar to cottage cheese, made from unskimmed carabao’s milk, salt and rennet
A buffalo’s milk cheese of Fujian province, China
Heavy cream that is very popular in the Middle East
A mix of blue cheese and brie, creamy, blue-veined cheese with a white-mould rind
A brined string cheese that originated in Armenia, it has a consistency approximating that of suluguni or mozzarella
Also known as Tiromalama. Made from Graviera curd
Kalari Also known as Kiladi or Maish Krej
A blue cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk
Urdă An unaged whey cheese
Chura loenpa
Tibetan cheese that is significant within the cuisine of Tibet
Cherni Vit
Made from sheep milk, Cherni Vit cheese owes the green color of its crust and its characteristic taste to the formation of mold
Graviera is a type of Greek hard yellow cheese. It is made exclusively from sheep or goat milk
Made from pasteurized milk, Mondseer is a semi-solid cheese similar to Muenster cheese or Limburger
A salty brined cheese made from sheep milk
A semi-hard cow’s-milk cheese, with a creamy consistency, light yellow colour, small irregular holes, and a mildly acidic taste
A cottage cheese that is mild and crumbly
A semi-firm cow’s milk cheese, farmer made by hand, that is recognized by its fine orange rind and its soft
The UK’s most famous cheese, and one of the most popular
Orda Made from whey
A brined curd white cheese made only in Greece
A semi-soft washed rind cheese, Oka has a distinct flavour and aroma
A hard cow’s milk cheese, also similar to Swiss
Sakura cheese
A soft cheese that is creamy white and flavored with mountain cherry leaves
A slightly sweet, soft processed cheese made of cow’s milk
Blue cheese made from cow’s milk, produced by Valio
Hungarian version of the Swiss Emmenthal cheese
Bryndza A crumbly salt cheese
A Cypriot semi-hard, unripened brined cheese made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk, and sometimes also cow milk
A salty white cheese made up of thick strands of cheese braided together
Eesti Juust
Semi hard Dutch-type cheese made from cow’s milk, produced by Estover

Cheese Male Cat Names

Male names Descriptions
Dimsi Smoked cheese from Zagreb based on Bjelovarac cheese
Molbo A semi-hard cow’s milk cheese made in the region of Mols
Karaván Smoked Hungarian cow’s milk cheese
Brunost A caramelized brown Scandinavian whey cheese
Lighvan A brined curd cheese traditionally made in Iran. Having a sour flavor, and a shape covered by holes, the cheese is produced from sheep’s milk
Pálpusztai Hungarian soft cow’s milk cheese, known for its pungent odor
Brimsen An Austrian term for Bryndza
Areesh It is similar to cottage cheese. Shanklish, a fermented cheese, is made from areesh cheese
Wagasi A soft cow’s milk cheese commonly made by the Fulani people that is sold in many units in Parakou, a city in Central Benin
Esrom Danish Port Salut cheese, is a Trappist-style pale yellow semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with a pungent aroma and a full, sweet flavour
Geitost Goat’s milk variety of Brunost
Liptauer A spicy cheese spread made with sheep milk cheese
Akkawi A white brine cheese, it is named after the city of Acre
Paneer A fresh cheese common in South Asian cuisine
Maribo A semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk
Lappi Made from partially skimmed cow’s milk, similar to Emmental except that it is pasteurized
Chhurpi A yak’s-milk cheese, influenced by Tibetan cuisine
Leipäjuusto Fresh cheese made from cow’s beestings. Sometimes made from goat or reindeer milk.
Oázis Smoked cheese
Danbo Semi-soft, aged cow’s milk cheese, and a common household cheese in Denmark
Domiati A soft white cheese usually made from cow or buffalo milk
Kashkaval A type of yellow cheese made of sheep milk, cow milk or goat milk
Nøkkelost A semi-hard, yellow cow’s milk cheese flavored with cumin and cloves
Hushållsost A semi-hard cows’-milk cheese with small granular holes and aged around 60 days on average
Raejuusto Fresh cheese made from cow’s milk, similar to cottage cheese
Rodoric An aged cheese made from unpasteurized goat milk that is traditionally aged in humid caves
Vesterhavsost A semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with briny and caramelly tasting notes, it is comparable to Gouda
Chura kampo Tibetan cheese and important within the cuisine of Tibet
Tounjski Smoked cheese from Tounj near Ogulin
Herrgårdsost A semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk
Byaslag Prepared with cow or yak milk, this cheese has a lumpish curd and is somewhat sour in flavor
Altaysky Fairly dry hard cheese,[44] similar to Swiss cheese, originating in the Altai region
Nabulsi One of a number of Palestinian white brined cheeses made in the Middle East
Kashkawan A type of yellow cheese made of sheep milk in Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia and Romania.
Tyrozouli Made from Myzithra by adding salt, causing dehydration, and allowing maturation
Cașcaval A type of yellow cheese made of sheep milk
Dangke Traditional food made from buffalo milk fermented traditionally processed
Prästost Made from pasteurized cow’s milk
Criollo A grateable Mexican cheese similar to Munster cheese
Banbury Once one of Banbury’s most prestigious exports, and nationally famous
Monterey Jack A generic name used to refer to a variety of processed cheese sauces flavored with peppers and spices
Grevé A semi-hard Swedish cheese made from cow’s milk
Atleet Semi hard cheese with little sour flavor made from cow’s milk, produced by Valio
Bergkäse A group of cheeses produced in the Alps
Pultost A soft, mature sour milk cheese flavored with caraway seeds
Brand name of a semi-soft cheese with a mild, smooth flavor and a subtle hint of sourness
A hard, salty yellow cheese made from sheep or goat’s milk in Greece and Cyprus
Asadero Also known as “Oaxaca cheese”
A sour cheese made from skimmed cow’s milk
Cow’s milk cheese originally from the Chanco farm in Maule Region
Beyaz peynir
A salty, white cheese made from unpasteurized sheep milk
A traditional fresh cheese. There are Dry Anthotyros and Fresh Anthotyros
A type of string cheese made from steamed cheese interwoven into fine braids
A hard cow’s milk cheese, usually produced in rounds; with a slightly sour taste
Mohant A soft cheese with a strong flavor
A traditional Slovakian smoked sheep milk cheese
It derives its name from the use of milk removed 15 minutes after the usual milking
Commonly made using cow milk, but can be made with goat or sheep’s milk, it has a smooth texture and a mild salty taste
A hard, bacterially ripened variety of cheese
Gjizë is a whey cheese very similar to curd or cottage cheese
Snøfrisk A goat cheese made by Tine
A soft, processed cheese made of cow’s milk
A firm, fresh goat milk cheese made in the Yunnan Province of China by people of the Bai and San
A cow’s milk cheese, similar to a mild Samsø
An Asian cheese that originated in a Portuguese colony Bandel located in eastern India.
A semi-hard Danish cheese named after the island of Fyn
A white, fresh and smooth Mexican cheese of pasteurized cow’s milk
Semisoft cow’s milk cheese, similar to Danish Havarti. Produced by Valio.
A soft cheese from western Russia
The most popular type of cheese after djathë i bardhë (white cheese)
A hard cow’s milk cheese with tiny eyes or holes and a firm and granular texture

If you haven’t found the perfect name for your cat yet, no need to worry. We know that finding the perfect cat name could be harder than it seems. But we’ve covered all name ideas on our food names for cats.

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