The Best Christian Dog Names: 120+ Ideas for Naming Your Pooch

Picking the perfect name for your pup can be a fun but challenging task. If you’re looking for a Christian-themed name for your dog, you’ve come to the right place!

Pets also provide us comfort in the dark, therefore giving our canine companion a name that is connected to our chosen religion seems quite natural.

Christianity is one of the world’s most popular religions, with 2.1 billion Christians. This makes Christian-themed pet names extremely used.

We’ve compiled over 120 Christian dog names for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a traditional name or something more unique, we have options for everyone. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

christian dog names

Here are the best Christian dog names to consider if you believe in Christianity!

Male Christian Dog Names

Male Christian Dog Names
Samson Strong man betrayed by Delilah
Phineas Grandson of Aaron
Cyrus The King of Persia
Mark Disciple of Jesus
Daniel Saved by interpreting the king’s dreams & saved in the lions den
Zeke Ezekiel a priest
Eli High priest and judge who taught Samuel
Sam Samuel, prophet and Hebrew judge
Hosea His family story was a metaphor for God’s relationship with Israel
Goliath Giant slain by David
Abraham Forefather of the Jews
Saul King who rebelled
Ezra Hebrew priest and scribe
Joseph Sold into slavery by his brothers
Jonah Swallowed by a great fish
Moses Prophet and leader
Solomon David’s son and King
David Shepherd who became the king
Herod King during Jesus’ time
Felix Imprisoned Paul but allowed him to defend himself
Matthew Disciple of Jesus
Luke Disciple of Jesus
Noah Built the Ark
Lot Escaped Sodom’s destruction
Jeremiah Prophet for five different kings
Caleb Representative of the tribe of Judah
Nico Nicodemus, invited Jesus to his home
Amos Prophet who talked about inequalities
Ishmael Son of Abraham and Hagar
Abe Short for Abel or Abraham
Peter Important disciple of Jesus
Aaron Moses’ older brother
Judas Disciple who betrayed Jesus
Gideon Israelite who defeated the Midianites
Isaac Son of Abraham and Sarah, Hebrew patriarch
Joshua Successor to Moses
Malachi Wrote the end of the Old Testament
Levi Son of Jacob and Leah
Judah Son of Jacob and Leah
Enoch The father of Methuselah
Jacob Founder of Israel
Simeon Son of Jacob and Leah
Elijah Went to heaven in a chariot of fire
Isaiah Prophet for King Ahaz
Shem Son of Noah
Jethro Midianite priest
Cain Son of Adam and Eve
Philip One of Jesus’ disciples
Job Man who withstood many tragedies
Esau Brother of Jacob
Abner Commander of Saul’s army
John John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin
Adam First man formed by God
Abel Son of Adam and Eve
Seth Son of Adam
Rufus Early church worker
Asher Jacob’s son
Jesse Father of David
Benji Benjamin, son of Jacob and brother of Joseph
Titus Close friend of Paul
Boaz Husband of Ruth
Reuben Son of Jacob and Leah
Jude Biblical book

Female Christian Dog Names

Female Christian Dog Names
Naomi Mother-in-law of Ruth
Claudia Woman greeted by Paul
Anna A pious prophet
Ruth Wife of Boaz
Leah Wife of Jacob
Mary The mother of Jesus
Martha Sister of Mary, present when Jesus raised Lazarus
Magdalene Mary Magdalene, woman important to Jesus
Phoebe Carried Paul’s letter to the Romans
Deborah Prophet and judge
Joanna Helped prepare Jesus’ body for burial
Eve First woman
Priscilla Church leader from the book of Acts
Sheba Bathsheba, wife of Uriah and David
Sarah Wife of Abraham
Esther Foiled Haman’s plots and saved the Jews
Chloe mentioned in Corinthians, means “Green herb”
Abigail Saved lives by preventing a battle
Becca Rebecca, wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob
Delilah Cut Samson’s hair
Madonna A term for the Virgin Mary
Hannah mother of Samuel
Jezebel Phoenician princess
Dinah Daughter of Jacob and Leah
Rachel Wife of Jacob and mother of Joseph
Liz Elizabeth, obedient to God’s commands
Miriam Prophetess, sister of Moses and Aaron
Lois Grandmother of Saint Timothy

Dog Names from Catholic Saints

Dog Names from Catholic Saints
Amelia Name means “work”. Patron saint of fishers and farmers. Of Latin origin.
Maximilian Name means “greatest”. Patron saint of families. Of Latin origin.
Cosmas Name means “order”. Patron saint of pharmacy and medicine. Of Greek origin.
Ignatius Name means “fiery”. Patron saint of soldiers. Of Latin origin.
Josephine Meaning “God will increase”. Patron saint of victims of modern slavery. Of French origin.
Sebastian Meaning “venerable”. Patron saint of athletes. Of Greek origin.
Anastasia Meaning “resurrection”. Patron saint of martyrs and widows. Of Greek origin.
Christopher Name means “Christ-bearer”. Patron saint of travellers. Of Greek origin.
Madeleine Meaning “of Magdala”. Patron saint of schoolgirls. Of French origin.
Felicity Name means “happiness”. Patron saint of mothers. Of Latin origin.
Ursula Meaning “female bear”. Patron saint of Catholic education. Of Scandinavian origin.
Edmund Meaning “rich protector”. Patron saint of pandemics. Of English origin.
Alice Meaning “from nobility”. Patron saint of the blind and the paralysed. Of English origin.
George Meaning “farmer”. Patron saint of England. Of Greek origin.
Brigid Meaning “exalted”. Patron saint of Ireland. Of Irish origin.
Florian Meaning “flowering”. Patron saint of firefighters. Of Latin origin.
Katharine Meaning “pure”. Patron saint of racial justice. Of Greek origin.
Alexandra Meaning “defender of the people”. Patron saint of humanity. Of Greek origin.
Gemma Meaning “precious stone”. Patron saint of pharmacists. Of Italian origin.
Margaret Meaning “pearl”. Patron saint of England and Scotland. Of English origin.
Colette Meaning “victory of the people”. Patron saint of sick children and pregnancy. Of French origin.
Raphael Meaning “God has healed”. Patron saint of nurses and the blind. Of Hebrew origin.
Bernadette Meaning “brave as a bear”. Patron saint of the ill and the poor. Of French origin.
Louis Meaning “warrior”. Patron saint of the arts. Of German origin.
David Meaning “beloved”. Patron saint of Wales. Of Hebrew origin.
Richard Name means “brave ruler”. Patron saint of coachmen. Of English origin.
Lucy Name means “light”. Patron saint of the blind. Of English origin.
Justin Meaning “fair”. Patron saint of philosophers. Of English origin.
Clement Meaning “gentle”. Patron saint of metalworkers and blacksmiths. Of English origin.
Andrew Meaning “manly”. Patron saint of Scotland. Of Greek origin.
Isabelle Meaning “God is my oath”. Patron saint of the sick. Of French origin.
Patrick Meaning “noble man”. Patron saint of Ireland. Of English origin.

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Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects your own personal faith or one that pays homage to a religious figure, we hope this list of Christian dog names will help you find the perfect name for your furry friend. We also have a list of Buddhist dog names if you’re looking into this religion as well.

Did we miss your favorite spiritual name for dogs? Let us know in the comments below!

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