Warning! These 10 Dog Foods Have Been Recalled (2020)

#6 Aunt Jeni’s Dog Food Recalled February 2020

FDA recalled this product in February 2020 due to the discovery of salmonella. Because this product sold frozen, FDA afraid there might be many people still in possession of this product

#7 Hill’s Recalled 2019

Hill’s product nutrition has been recalled from the market due to potentially elevated levels of vitamin D. Event vitamin D is essential for dogs, but too much of it can lead to several diseases for dogs, such as vomiting, weight loss, etc.

Hill’s product recalled in 2019 for all of their canned dog food because they contains too much of vitamin D

#8 Purina Recalled 2018

It has been reviewed that this product has been lacking nutrition. As they use corn, wheat and soy as their top main ingredients. 

This product was recalled at the end of 2018. Due to the discovery of elevated copper levels

#9 Nutrisca Recalled 2018

Just like Hill's products, Nutrisca has an elevation of vitamin D.  That's why it's recalled from the market after receiving many complaints. 

This product recalled in 2018 because contains too much vitamin D. Consumer who have bought and affected from the recall can return the product and get refund

#10 Kibbles n Bits Recalled 2018

The FDA has released in 2018 that this kind of product contains pentobarbital that commonly used for euthanasia. And it might contain cow, cat, or horse meat.

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