100+ Evil Unicorn Names: The Most Wicked List Ever

Do you know what an evil unicorn is? It’s basically a regular unicorn, but with a twist. These fictional creatures are dark and dangerous, and they’re not something you want to mess with.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for naming your own evil unicorn, look no further! We’ve put together the most wicked list of evil unicorn names ever. So whether you’re creating an evil villain in your latest story, or just want to give your pet a dark new name, these 100+ names will definitely get the job done!

evil unicorn names

Here are the best evil unicorn names to consider for your pet or fictional unicorn.

Evil Male Unicorn Names

Evil Male Unicorn Names
Grogoch Half-human, half-spirit entity (Scotland & Ireland)
Delano means of the night (French)
Dearg-Dur Ireland’s legendary vampire
Demetri Twilight series
Dullahan Headless horseman
Felix Twilight series
Freddie Krueger -Nightmare Monster
Monstrus Creepy College Kids
Bluebeard Pirate Ghost
Sasquatch Bigfoot
Thing The Addams Family
Frankenstein From Book & Movie
Alucard Hellsing
Jaguar Midnight Predator
Reaper Very Grim Visitor
Phantom Ghost
Kurt Barlow Salem’s Lot
Hannibal Lecter -Silence of the Lambs
Daray means dark
Wolverine X-Men
Pugsley The Addams Family
Zorak Praying Mantis from Space Ghost
Igor Faithful Assistant
Casper A Friendly Ghost
Barnabas Vampire Collins from Dark Shadows
Lord Daryl Midnight Predator
Kieran means little dark one (Celtic)
Damien Boy from The Omen
Vlad The Impaler
Dracula From Book & Movie
Blade Tomb of Dracula
Alec Twilight series
Jasper Hale Twilight series
Aleron means on the wing (Latin)
Ginnungagap Norse Mythology
Spike Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Merlin Camelot Sorcerer
Nosferatu Famous Vampire
Hecate From Shakespeare’s MacBeth
Ripper Jack’s Nickname
Abel means breath; vanity (Hebrew)
Marcus Twilight series
Hades Hell
Norman Bates A Real Psycho
Armand The Vampire Chronicles
Braeden means from the dark valley
Amdis means immortal (Latin)
Jager In the Forests of the Night
Beetelgeuse Don’t Say It 3 Times!
Amadán The fool or jester in the court of the Good People
Kern means dark (Gaelic)
Boris-Karloff Scary Movie Actor
Raven Poe’s Famous Poem
Rasputin Russian Sorcerer
Zombie Living Dead
means old friend, wise protector (Anglo-Saxon)
Bones Skeletal
means star (Greek)
Screaming Spirit
Stephen King; Addams Family
Extremely Disorganized
Caius Twilight series
Simon The Silver Kiss
Midnight Predator
Regan The Exorcist
Boo Scary
Cyclops One-Eyed
Scary Superhero
Irish word for Hobgoblin
Horror Show Host
Beelzebub Devil

Evil Female Unicorn Names

Evil Female Unicorn Names
Misty Out of the Mist
Midnight Predator
The Addams Family – Daughter
Samara The Ring
Irina Twilight series
Sirena Horror High
Priscilla Fier
Fear Street Sagas series
A Witch Project
Vancha March
Cirque du Freak series
The snake-haired mascot – Creepy Kids
Had a Devil Baby
Nebula Dark Mist
Lilly The Munsters
Mother-in-Law from Bewitched
Dementia Insanity
Lugosi – Scary Movie Actor
Stephen King’s Telekinetic Teen
Vampire Slayer
In the Forests of the Night
means end (Basque)
Child from Bewitched
Arachna Spider Woman
Nissa Ravena
Shattered Mirror
Ms. DeVil from 101 Dalmations
Bloody Mary Ghost Legend
Mistress of the Dark
The Addams Family
means from the black fortress (Celtic)
Zelda From Sabrina
Bewitching Magic
Evil Godmother in Sleeping Beauty
Samantha Bewitched
Hilda Witchy Name
Carmen Twilight series

While we can’t condone the naming of any innocent unicorns with such heinous names, it is admittedly a lot of fun to dream up evil unicorn names.

If you are in need of more inspiration for your next wickedly magical creature, be sure to check out our list of evil horse names. And who knows? With a name like Deathbringer or Nightmare, your next pet unicorn might just live up to its dark title.

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