70 Herb Inspired Cat Names – Unique Way To Name Your Kittens


Herbs are natural medicines that can give you health and cats are adorable creatures that can give you a smile that also makes you healthy.

So giving your cat names with herb names would be a good option, since there are many herb names that are the perfect fit for your cat. So here are the cat name ideas inspired by herbs. 

Male Herb Cat Names

Male Herb Cat Names Notes
Catnip A species of the genus Nepeta in the family Lamiaceae
Pepper Peppers come in many forms and tastes
Mace Another Xmas type spice that smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, and all those kinds of spices
Merken A hot strong-smelling spice Pretty firey when used in the right dishes
Sumac A bright red spice with a tangy, lemony flavor
Abodo This Portuguese stock comprises of several spices and herbs, and makes for an interesting kitty name
Licorice Licorice is one of those love it or hate it flavors, right? I’ve seen plenty of pets named licorice before
Jimbu This is a way to name your cat after a different culture Jimbu is used in regions of Nepal in the Himalayas
Bumbu Bumbu is the Indonesian word for spices
Tamarind A super-charged herb with loads of positive health benefits
Cumin This earthy, nutty-tasting spice is warm with a nice mustard yellow color
Rue A bitter tasting herb
Golpar This actually has a pretty bad smell to most people
Allium An aromatic plant that’s part of the onion family
Kokum Suitable for a dark colored cat, this brownish-black spice has a sweet and sour taste
Caraway These are highly aromatic and distinctive smelling seeds They smell like licorice, so might be on the shortlist for a dark-colored unique kitty
Dill This is one of the most commonly used herbs with fish dishes
Dukkah If you’re looking for an Egyptian food name for your cat, Dukkah is that name
Wasabi Wasabi has an intense heat that hits you like strong mustard It’s one of the Japanese food names for cats
Spearmint A name with a fresh meaning
Allspice A spice made from dried berries of the Pimenta dioica plant
Caper Capers smells sharp and pungent, ideal for a pungent cat? Ok, that’s a bit harsh, but maybe a little troublemaker
Pimento Also called ‘cherry peppers’, pimentos are bright red and can pack quite the punch
Kaffir This herb is the leaves from Kaffir limes
Galangal Similar to ginger, which is more of a girl cat name so I’ve included it below
Vanilla When someone hears the word vanilla, they think of plain white If you have a white kitty, this has to be up there as a descriptive choice
Bay The bay leaf is used in cooking for it’s healing properties, and it’s pungent bitter taste
Foxglove The Foxglove plant is actually fairly toxic to cats
Basil A herb commonly used in cooking, and also a fairly popular pet name I’ve known both a dog called Basil and a hedgehog!
Curry Everyone knows curry It’s a combination of spices that make for a unique and well-known flavor
Zest Zest is a great name for energetic kitties
Juniper Another spice from the Himalayas
Sabola A spice used in curries
Mahlab This is one of the most interesting spices I’ve ever tasted It’s kind of like a combination of cherries, almonds, and roses if you can kind of imagine that

Female Herb Cat Names

Female Herb Cat Names Notes
A festive spice that is already commonly used as a pet name. Almost everyone reading this will be well aware of nutmeg.
Another name for cinnamon
A spice used in condiments to give foods some extra flavoring.
It’s spicy, sweet, citrusy, and more all wrapped up in one spice.
Another herb that’s toxic to cats (and dogs). It doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a name though.
A spice native to Brazil and Mexico, it’s used to add orange or yellow colors to dishes and adds an aromatic flavor.
This West African spice is a hot one.
Kala An Indian spice.
The aromatic flower buds from the clove tree.
A Middle Eastern spice with a unique sour and tart flavor.
Small black seeds that go under a few different names
A fiery pepper that delivers a nice hot kick. If you like spicy foods that is.
Ajwain An Indian spice.
A bright blue plant, and often mixed with coffee to reduce the bitterness of coffee
As one of the world’s most expensive spices
This is the name for a blend of spices used in Latin-American cuisine. Known for packing a hot kick more often than not.
A name for chocolate, brown, and any color of cat in between. This is the spice used to make chocolate.
Both a herb and a spice, and a nice short punchy name for a cat.
A deeply floral herb commonly used in drinks and for its strong aroma.
This is another classic female name that you can’t do wrong with. A floral herb with a nice pink color.
The tiny, kidney-shaped seeds have been harvested from dried seed
Seeds of the Buchanania lanzan plant
Some species in the genus Cinnamomum of the family Lauraceae.
What a lovely name for a female cat. It’s a sweet-tasting root.
Favorite spice and a favorite for pet owners around the world as a name for their little friends.
A combination of spices used in Indian cuisine.
Made from grounding the leaves of the North American Sassafras tree, this is an unusual and rare spicy herb.
Similar to saffron, safflower is a cool sounding name.
An iconic name for female animals around the world that are ginger in colo
Also called aniseed and tasting like licorice, this is a love it or hate it spice
Flowering plant in the genus Sesamum, also called benne
Shooting star plants grow and colonize areas of well-draining or sandy loam
A condiment made from mustard plant seeds
A hot and spicy red spice

There are many unique ways to name your cat. So, if you haven’t found a herb inspired cat name that fits, you probably can find it in our plant cat names.

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