Best Ways To Name Your Rooster – Top Name Articles For A Rooster


Roosters are common pet animals since it’s easy to find breeders just like dogs or cats. Roosters are good animals to keep as a pet due to their highly intelligent and affectionate behavior. So, whether you took and raised baby chicks or older roosters they can be tamed easily. In some countries, people like to attend rooster tournaments like crowing or fighting for entertainment. In this article, you will find rooster name ideas so you could name your pet rooster with a perfect name.

Top Popular Rooster Names


It wouldn’t be shocking if a person owns a rooster. They could be having one as a pet or to use them for cockfights. If you are that person, you may be wonder what the best rooster name is. So we’ve got you covered with the top 200 popular rooster names. Trust me, these names are so good that they include funny, famous, and the best rooster names.

Top Good Rooster Names


If you’re looking for a special and good rooster name, then consider viewing this list of over 190 names that includes cool, cute, and unique rooster names too.


What is a good name for a rooster? 

Hercules would be a good name for your rooster due to their protective instinct. We also like a name like Duke, Rufio, or Luigi.

What is a cute name for a rooster? 

There are many cute names for a rooster if you are looking for cute ones. You could also consider a name like Max, Ginger, Ozzy, Olive, Patty, or Peachy.

What are funny names for roosters

Birdzilla would be a funny one since they are the largest of the bird species. There are also many funny names like Arnold Swartz-an-egger or Dr. Pecker.


Some roosters might be wild and like to challenge you or other roosters, that’s why some people make their roosters join a fighting competition. But, if you don’t want that kind of behavior for your roosters you can train them properly, and roosters are easily tamed. By giving a good name for your rooster would be the first step to train and develop a relationship with him, and this article will help you to find a good name for your pet rooster. 

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